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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney Princesses and Bullpen Fun

12 Things you may not know about the bullpen:

1. They have a Disney Princess backpack this year. (see picture)2. The eat "Dill Pickle" Sunflower seeds3. There is more than just bubble gum and sunflower seeds in the (Disney Princess) backpack...in fact there is loads of different chocolate candy bars (Snickers, Twix, etc) and fruit snacks (Welch's) in there.
4. They have a super secret hand clappy thing they do when players get hits. We (the boyfriend and I) tried to join in on the fun, but we ended up only getting a funny look from Juan Morillo.
5. Luis Ayala doesn't like his picture taken. (see picture)6. Luis Ayala is a funny, nice guy and shares.
7. If you make friends with the bullpen, a hand may appear and give you some of their gum they have in the Disney Princess bag.8. Most of the gum they have is sugar free (Bazooka and Double Bubble)...the do have regular Double Bubble too.
9. They are a lot nicer than Juan Rincon and Dennys Reyes ever were...in fact all the new bullpen gentlemen, willingly signed baseballs, hats, etc for people.
10. Ryan (the ball boy) is still a dick.
11. R.A. (or as we called him all night "RAH") doesn't wear his socks up to his knees, but in fact he wears stirrups.12. Juan Morillo wears really shiny shoes.

I think last night I cheered too loudly for Mr. Jason Bartlett. I am sorry, Timmy that I cheered for a player on the other team and he was the cause of one of the runs against you, and another run later on in the game. I shall never make that mistake again. I don't however blame the man in the home run porch for not throwing back Jason's home run ball. I wouldn't have either.

Ooh...before I forget the Three Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Bartlett (I'm not happy to give him a star, but he did deserve it...against my wishes)
2. Joe Crede (he listened when I told him to hit his home run. Thanks for trying to impress me, Crede!!)
3. Carlos Pena (I am never saying again that I like a Rays player...any time I did, they did good.)

I did think Timmy (Scott Baker) did well. Yes, I know he gave up 4 runs, but he still didn't give up ANY home runs...and he didn't pitch badly. After his first two outings I expected more of a blow out than Tampa dished out. I was proud of him and how well he pitched. I think the Twins lacked some defense in those first couple innings, and of course they lacked a lot of offense. It was unbelievable how many times we had runners on base, in scoring position and couldn't do anything with it.

All in all, I had a total blast at the game.
Things I did, and had fun doing at the game:

1. We played Marco Polo with Nicky Punto's name several times (which I'm sure the bullpen heard us every time we did)
2. The boyfriend knocked Morillo's glove off the ledge (that will teach him to leave his glove where we can reach it)...he didn't put it back up there the rest of the night.
3. I had a ball (gently) tossed to me after warm ups (which is how I like getting baseballs...gently tossed to me...I can't catch, so a foul ball coming flying at me scares me a bit)
4. I got on FSN (probably more than once)...the dude who was down at the end of the row from us was telling us "yeah, I just hope tonight isn't like another time a foul ball came my way. It bounced off the turf and then went over my head, so I didn't get it"...the first ball did exactly that...and the second ball the guy dove for (over the bullpen tarp) and then he didn't catch it anyway. Carl Crawford had to hand the guy the baseball after he dropped it.
5. We yelled RAH anytime Dickey was near or up pitching (we didn't like saying "R.A."...Rah was way more fun.)
6. I made friends with Luis Ayala...and was thoroughly entertained by him.
7. Any time the bullpen phone rang (which was right in front of us), we tried to get close enough to hear who they were going to warm up...the only one we heard was Dickey.
Now time for a few of the pictures I took at the game...Enjoy. (captions below)
Timmy warming up before the game

Justin Morneau warming up

Span walking out on the field...he's the man
Joe Nathan

R.A. Dickey and his knuckle ball

Matt Guerrier and his adjustments...
Baker warming up in the bullpen before the game.
Morales playing catch with Timmy
Oh Timmy...

And now for some JASON love...
Jason warming up before the game
Jason and his hop in the field
I do still miss him.


k-bro said...

Thanks for sharing your cool pix. It sounds like a blast sitting down there.

I love dill pickle seeds.

Mrs. Slowey said...

you're welcome! it was tons o fun down there...i need to sit down there every game. if the game sucks, i have the bullpen to entertain me! :)

DCTwinsFan said...

Sounds like a great time. I'm finally going to get to see them this year when they're in Baltimore in a week. I can hardly wait.

Mrs. Slowey said...

Nice! That should be a lot of fun! Away games are fun to be at...and be the away team's fans...people don't like you, but it's fun. :)

Heidi said...

I can't quit Jason Bartlett.

Mrs. Slowey said...

I know...me either! :(