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Thursday, April 9, 2009

For My Love

It's nice to know that this year Kevin Slowey isn't going to get hurt every time I watch him. Although, most of the time this happened when I was actually AT the games, but I've decided that if he lets me watch him on TV and we're okay, then all is well. He actually preferred me watching last night, because when I was making dinner and half-ass watching, he got smoked with hits and had a hard time getting out of innings, but when I put all my attention to him, he retired 7 batters in a row.
Kevin, I have learned my lesson. I will faithfully watch every game (with the exception of day games and me working...can't watch, only can listen) that you pitch. Ooh...note to Kevin: Please don't pitch between May 23rd-29th. I will be in Paris, and will ONLY be able to check scores, not listen since I don't think WCCO would come in. Unfortunate.

It was nice of the Twins to let Kevin be the first starting pitcher this year to get a win. He now is 1-0; Liriano is 0-1 and poor Mr. Blackburn is 0-1. I hate to mention this, but I'm okay with Liriano not being the best. I don't even know that I fully acknowledge him as a starting pitcher in the rotation. (which means, I'll get stuck seeing him at most of the games I go to, unless I really think and count things out before purchasing tickets. It's how it worked with Livan last year.)

Today, I plan to (possibly) torture some of my co-workers by forcing them to listen to the Twins with me on the radio at noon. If I can't be at the game watching, or at home in front of my TV watching, then everyone is going to have to suffer through with me. Go Glen.

I don't believe I mentioned this from my opener experience. I am fighting (already) with Michael Cuddyer. This usually happens (when he's not hurt) about 4 times a year and Cuddy decided that we needed to fight during Home Opener. I have this thing (if you haven't read past blogs, you should follow up with THIS entry) where I do "dimples" when Cuddy is up to bat. Well, at opener, I told him if he didn't get a hit (his first time up to bat) I wouldn't do it the rest of the season. Well...CUDDY STRUCK OUT. So now, I am fighting with him.

5 Things I love about the Opening Seriers:

1. Joe Nathan in the Navy.
2. The Navy Jerseys.
3. Being in first place after game #3.
4. Kevin Slowey winning.
and lastly...
5. Go-Gomez kissing his bat. (side note: I wonder if we should tell Gomez to get a room for his bat and himself. I feel like I'm invading a very private moment. AWKWARD!)

NOW...my pictures from Home Opener. (Please keep in mind, I was in section 223, row 25. My nose was bleeing...so this is all the better I could do with my stalker camera.)

The team...zoomed in close to Kevin (he was my main focus)

The view from our seats.


S.Rail said...

Ohh, Jose Morales. He is the cutest lil' "kid" out there.

The opening day(s) would have been even better....If our beloved Mauer would have been out there behind the plate :(

P.S. Nice new page!

Mrs. Slowey said...

I do like Morales...he's a go get-er...and the fact that he kicked ass against Chicago was just a great selling point for me to like him.

I do miss Joe though...things just don't seem right.

I figured it was time for a change with the layout. The old layout seemed boring. :)