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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Must Be The Initials...J.M.

I never realized until this morning the abundance of players we have with the initials "J.M." Five players (including Joe Mauer). I think if Joe Mauer would have been back last night, he would have had a great night. Jose Mijares did; Justin Morneau did; Jose Morales did. If Juan Morillo (though he struggled the night before) pitched last night, he would have rocked too. I think it was just a night for "J.M.'s"

Three Stars of the Game:
1. Jose Mijares
2. Justin Morneau
3. Jose Morales

I hated always how close Morales and Mijares were with last names and I think I have pin pointed why they screw me up a lot...it's because they are both Jose. Now Jose may be a good friend (in another form), these two Jose's have to still prove themselves a bit.

I was sad last night when Joe Nathan's first pitch went just over the baggie in right-center field. I was looking forward to giving Joe a star of the game, but then he faltered and failed me. Don't worry, I still love him. I just wish that the ball had travelled only slightly lower and then it may have only been a double or a triple, but of course the baseball gods had to make sure that they made us all aware that Joe Nathan is not perfect (though close)...he can't always get the save and he can't always look like a Greek god.

Hmm...maybe if Joe Nathan would have been Joe Mathan, he would have been on fire.
Here's a play on the J.M. What if they all (all the players) had J. and M. for their initials? What would that look like, you ask? Well I'll show you.

Juis Myala

Jcott Maker

Jick Mlackburn

Jraig Mreslow

J.A. Mickey

Jatt Muerrier

Jrancisco Miriano

Jose Mijares

Juan Morillo

Joe Mathan

Jlen Merkins

Jevin Mlowey

Jose Morales

Jike Medmond

Jrian Muscher

Jlexi Masilla

Joe Mrede

Jrendan Marris

Justin Morneau

Jick Munto

Jichael Muddyer

Jarlos Momez

Jenard Mpan

Jelmon Moung

Jason Mubel

Joe Mauer

I Think J.A. Mickey and Jichael Muddyer are my two favorites. Okay, enough fun for one day. Tonight, MickNick Blackburn is going to bowl us over with his mad skills and show Liriano what winning looks like. Someone has gotta gain some ground on Kevin. He's starting to look like he should be the #1 guy, not the #4 guy. Kevin, you're #1 in my book.


Heidi said...

so a couple years ago when it seemed like there were a disproportionate number of guys on the Twins whose names started with J (Joe, Joe, Jason, Jason, Justin, etc). My sister and I were at a game and she was like "who is that?" and I just immediately with out looking started the name with a J because it was a fairly safe bet that you'd get one of the J names, but it was Nicky Punto. So his name became JaNick Punto. Long story short...For the rest of the year we transferred that to the rest of the team. my favorites were J'Torii Hunter and J'Michael Cuddyer. Good times.

Mrs. Slowey said...

I'm glad someone else thinks on the same lines as me! we definitely have way too many J names in the lineup.