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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Okay Scott Baker...It's Not Entirely Your Fault

I don't blame Scott Baker last night for giving up 4 home runs. It may seem stupid of me not to, but I can't blame the guy who had to start the season on the DL and only had one start in the minors for his rehab assignment. Of course he's not going to be in top form...he's just recovered.

Okay I know I said I would be picking my top three stars of each game. Here it is...I'm not pleased that the Twins players didn't fill up the list again today, but when you get killed 12-2, guess it happens.
1. Scott Richmond
2. Aaron Hill
3. Alexi Casilla (come on...1 Twins player had to get a star!! He got out of his slump...got a hit, a walk and a run)

I am starting to feel like the Twins are starting their season the way that the Wild finished theirs...sucking. I am definitely not happy with this. I'm not happy we have let Toronto win the last 11 of 12 times they have faced us...and I'm not happy that we have a losing record right now. Boys, we need to get better. Let's face it, there are a lot of fair weather fans...
A LOT! If you want to have more people at the games cheering for you (which I'd rather have less...because that means better seat options for me when there are less people in attendance), then you need to start playing better as a team. THERE IS NO "I" IN TEAM. You need to get the hits consecutively and not individually. In order to get wins, you have got to give the pitchers support and runs. Without this stuff, you will likely lose fans. We don't want to see that happen.

Tonight, most likely I won't watch...mainly because I am so ridiculously tired and over Franny. He needs to prove to me that he doesn't suck so that I may let him into my good graces and at least tolerate him. I don't even tolerate him at this point in time. I groan when it's his rotation day...similar to how it was with Livan last year. I don't like when he pitches. I would like a win tonight. Losing is not acceptable anymore!!

Okay, I am done ranting now. Yes, I will still have a top 3 stars for you tomorrow. It motivates me to write daily. (the weekend is where it'll get tricky)

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