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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mega Monday Madness...aka Kubel's Mega Mojo

Well, today is going to be a recap of the Angels series. I'm sorry that I didn't get around to blogging over the weekend. My computer was incapacitated. It's getting a new brain...and a new name since she's not the same girl anymore. Dorothy...she should be up an running soon. I'll start with the 3 stars of the games and then go back to my thoughts on each of the games.

Friday 3 Stars:
1. Kubel
(duh! Read this cool article to go along with Kubs)

2. Mikko Koivu (Sorry, wrong sport) Denard Span (for getting the rally going. He didn't get enough credit.)

3. Joe Nathan (I've decided that any time Joe Nathan pitches a save and doesn't screw up, he's worthy of a star)

Saturday 3 Stars:
1. Kevin Slowey
(Why? Because he's Kevin, and because I think he did awesome. He's one of only, what now 2 pitchers after yesterday that can make it through the 7th inning without falling apart.)
2. Kubel (it's the mojo talking again)
3. Brendan Harris (he was in fine form...I liked it!)

Sunday 3 Stars:
1. Morales
(though Go-Go was up there too)
2. Glen Perkins
(hey, he's not getting the #1 star when he wears those ugly jerseys)
3. Joe Nathan

Back to the recaps of the games...

Friday night was a great game. I don’t feel bad for the idiots who left the game early thinking that the Twins were down and out. People, you should know by know that the Twins love the dramatic, “Coming from behind” win. This is how they’ve gotten most of their wins this season (if not all). I am ashamed to admit that because of my stupid allergy medicine that I took before the game was done (because I felt like I was dying) it made me doze off on the couch right after Denard Span was up to bat…I heard his double that scored runs…but don’t remember anything until after Kubel was finished with his grand slam. I was quite unhappy about missing him hit for the cycle, with not only a home run, but a grand slam! 7th man in baseball history to do that. What a accomplishment. I thought for sure (until yesterday) that the Twins must traded Jason Kubel and gotten a new guy also named Jason Kubel, because he surely wasn’t playing like he has in every other game (and I’m sure the Angels were thinking that too…especially after they walked Justin to get to Kubel.) Bad decision? Yup. Walks will haunt? Yup. I like it!


Saturday, what can I say other than Kevin Slowey was back in his fine form. He looked great in the throwback jersey, even though his socks were up to his knees. I did appreciate Crede, Cuddy, Brendan, and whoever else had the socks hiked up. They looked very refined. Kevin did what our other pitchers have not been able to accomplish, get through the 7th inning. What a pitch he had to end the 7th too and strike out the batter? It was great, and it was wonderful to be able to see him in High-Def on FSN. Thanks, FSN…err, I’m sorry, Fox Sports North.

My co-worker and the girls softball team from the high school I work at were in attendance at the game. Some of those girls, including my coworker, thought that they could get there at the opening of the gates and still manage to get a bronzed Joe Mauer statue. I told my coworker, people camp out. People are insane, and those, along with Bobbleheads, are usually gone within about 10 minutes after the gates open. It’s kind of annoying that it’s usually people who buy tickets to the game, but don’t actually go to the game that get the giveaways. BOO ON THEM!! Though, I did manage last year to get a Rick Aguilera Bobblehead. I’m still not sure what to do with the thing, other than to let it sit on my dresser along with my candle and a picture. It’s kind of awkward though…not gonna lie.

Sunday, well, what can I say other than to repeat myself to express how much I hate the cutoffs? No. I’m not going to go there. Glen knows that him and I are fighting. Why do you think he got clocked just above the knee? It’s gonna leave a mark and Glen knows why he did it to himself. KARMA, BUDDY!! I will give him some props for doing so well, which he has done in his other outings too, he just couldn’t get the win himself to prove that he was doing so amazing. Every game so far with Glen has seemed like a pitchers duel. It’s kind of neat, but it also makes the game go by faster. And who doesn’t like seeing Joe Nathan? I know I sure do (however better when he is in the Navy jersey)!

It’s great seeing Morales really step up since he’s been in the big leagues. You can really tell he wants to be here and he has got fight in him. He’s done superiorly better than Redmond, so I won’t lie when I say that I’d rather have Morales as our back up catcher than Redmond. I have nothing against Redmond personally…it’s just business. Some days I wish I ran the Twins front office. Brian Duensing would still be with us. Morillo (Armadillo, whatever his name is) would not have been acquired. Morales would be the back up when Joe returns. I don’t know why the Twins feel sympathy for these pitchers that are having problems where they think they can fix things at a major league level that other teams are not able to. It’s some what frustrating some times. Just dial back to Livan Hernandez, Sidney Ponson, Juan Rincon, etc, etc, etc…yeah, it brings a bad taste to my mouth too.

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