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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Additional Twins Boyfriend

Here's is my new...I mean ADDITIONAL Twins Boyfriend. Am I greedy for having more than just Kevin? No. My new boyfriend is married, so that doesn't entirely count. I was slightly bummed to learn that he is married, but I am still excited to sit in my usual seats (the ones near the bullpen.) I love eye candy while sitting next to the bullpen.
My funny story that goes along with Brian Duensing is when I saw him (without his hat on) on TV...I went "WHO'S THAT?!?!"...my boyfriend's response was "Gosh, you sound like you want him." to which I nicely responded..."he's hot!". It was fun.

So, I have also decided that Francisco (who I have nicknamed Franny) should be demoted...as Boof was. I hate that I am saying this, because I'm not the world's biggest Boof fan, but I'd rather see him starting that Franny at this point. 2 Losses?? WTF?!? That's not acceptable...especially when we are playing the White Sucks and we get whomped 8-0!! That is just ridiculous. Franny, for how to pitch well against the White Sucks, ask R.A. Dickey! (Side note: I was wondering this when the announcers kept calling him "R.A. Dickey" and not just "Dickey"...what does the R.A. in R.A. Dickey stand for?) (Google...err Wikipedia tells me it's "Robert Alan"). I'm going to call him Bob. It just sounds better.
What's not to love about knuckelballers? They are fun to watch...and the ball goes crazy (as do most of the batters.)

There isn't much to report on this weekend's games, other than the suckage of the boys not being able to produce more than 1 run after kicking Chicago's asses on Friday night. It makes the outlook for any series against them look dismal at best. Obviously we needed Glenn, or Kevin, or Scott Baker to take the reigns and get those guys out. It can't be left up to Franny any more.

Anyone want to start a petition with me? To get Franny to the bullpen (or Triple-A) instead of the coveted starting pitcher position? Keep me posted!

Tonight enjoy Kevin and all his beautifulness on the mound. I contemplated getting tickets, but I wasn't entirely sure springing that on my boyfriend at the last minute would be a good idea, so I opted not to. Unfortunately. I'm sure after tonight, I will have great and amazing things to say about the wonderful starter we have pitching tonight. It'll bring my Twins 2009 outlook into a more positive note. Boys, I'd like to finish above .500 and WAY above the Chicago White Sucks.

(PS...I noticed A.J. still stuck his head in a bottle of bleach for the season, so my sign that was made last year is still applicable. It's a great feeling.)

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