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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Joe...Crede

Last night, I was not happy that Glen decided to go with the cut-off jerseys for his pick. I was quite disgusted. I hate those. It's kinda odd to hate something so much as I do these jerseys, but really quite frankly, they are hideous. I was told that they are super comfortable when it come to playing baseball in them, but it doesn't matter. I like aesthetically pleasing things.
I think this is why Glen didn't get the win for himself (yes, I know the Twins won, but Glen was left with the retched no decision.). Glen, word of advice...NAVY. Stick with what you know AND love. It's really best for both of us.

So with the Wild at the end of the game someone (usually Doug Johnson from Let's Play Hockey) picks the three stars of the game. Baseball doesn't have this, so I am going to start listing my three stars of the each game.

Last night:
3. Joe Crede
2. Delmon Young
1. Jesse Crain

I am going to justify why Joe Crede is ONLY the #3 star. Yes, I know he got the winning run in when we were in the horrific 11th inning, but Jesse Crain had 2 amazing innings. 2 strike outs, no hits, no walks, just 6 straight retired batters. He really looked like the Jesse Crain pre-shoulder surgery...which would be nice to see this year. Delmon Young...well, I know he didn't show us anything with his bat, but his fielding was excellent. I thought that he had gained weight in the off season with how slow he was running, but then he showed me fat men CAN run! I was proud.

Good job, boys! Way to pull through for the win.

In other Twins news: I am now 2nd baseball boyfriend-less. Brian Duensing has gotten sent back to Triple-A to make room for Scott Baker. Oh why couldn't they have shipped off Phil Humber. He's not as pretty or as good as Brian Duensing. I wonder if he was shouting on the plane "I'll be back!"...we'll see.

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