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Friday, April 17, 2009

You Would Cry Too If It Happened To You!

I'm beginning to wonder when Twins' pitchers are going to start listening to me and NOT wear the cut-off jerseys? They are ridiculously hideous. I understand that Liriano likes them...it just makes me go more Livan Hernandez on his ass. Franny, you are now 0-3. How does that looks? It looks to me like you are a LOSING pitcher. I thought there was hope for him last night when I actually watched up until like the 7th inning. I thought maybe he was trying to pull a Joe Crede and get me to warm up to him...but then...then...he proved me wrong and gave up the run that would give HIM the loss.
Yes, Franny...we want to cry too. It was a sad, sad loss.

I do have my three stars of the game:
1. Roy Halladay
2. Michael Cuddyer
3. Brian Buscher

Yes, 2 Twins players were worthy of stars last night. Cuddy made an AMAZING catch in right field and if Casilla wouldn't have screwed up it wouldn't have scored a run...and Cuddy also was trying to put the Twins back in it, and he got them 1 more run because of a home run. Hey, I can't be too mad at him for trying.
Brian Buscher gets a star because of the amazing throw to Justin from his knees. I think it's all because of the facial hair that he is doing so well. I can't think of what else it could be. Just google Brian Buscher and look at the pictures of him without the facial hair...it's just not right.If Nick Blackburn decides to change up the wardrobe for tonight, I think I might cry. I sincerly need to see the Navy jerseys again. Hell, I'd even take the basic white ones after having two games within three days of the crap jerseys.

I will soon have some amazing pictures of the bullpen boys to share with everyone. (Sadly, no Brian Duensing in that "bullpen" note)...I sucessfully managed to get myself seats in 135, row 1. Hello, Joe Nathan! Woot. Can't wait to take in his beauty and just admire him from close up. It'll be nice. I miss my bullpen seats.

I do have a funny story...this is a friend of mine's status on facebook...(we'll call her Jessica) "Jessica is in such a good mood...she went to her FIRST Twins Game tonight...and She went home with two baseballs!"

Her friends' comment: Erin: Congratulations! How did you get the baseballs? Did you umpire?

Jessica: Our seats were behind the "pitchers bench"- I'm sure there is a name for it... One pitcher from the Toronto Blue Jays team tossed it to me, about ten minutes my friend got tossed a ball, and about 5 minutes later... another one was thrown to me! Lol- It was my first game, so we stayed to the end… and we were the only two women in the section at this point! hahaha

Mrs. Slowey's response:
you mean the bullpen? lol..

Thought that was funny and had to share...ahh the ones who know nothing about baseball...they crack me up! Gotta love it!


S.Rail said...

I hate those crap jerseys. Good thing Slowey gets to pitch wearing the throwback jersey today!

Mrs. Slowey said...

i don't think Kevin would ever wear those ugly f-ing jerseys...at least I hope he never does. Glen does have some influence on him. Time will tell how much I truly am fighting with Glen...he better shape up! I don't want him to be another Franny.