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Friday, May 1, 2009

At-Bat Music? WTF?

Brendan Harris at-bat music
Joe Mauer '08 at-bat music
After listening to those, I have since lost some respect for those two players. Honestly, I'd rather hear Brendan play "Cherry Pie" again. It at least wasn't as cheesy as a song written about the player. Plus, it kind of made Brendan Harris look like a badass.

I've decided that my favorite at-bat song this year is Justin's. He plays "TNT" by AC/DC. It's a great song, and they play that at Wild hockey games too. It gets me going, so I'm sure it pumps Justin up. I like Alexi Casilla's too, but I don't know what song his is.

Wednesday night? Wow, it was quite a long game that moved really slow. A good game (since we got so many runs) but it seemed to take a long time. Big props to Nick Blackburn who likes to listen to me when I give him advice. I told him to win big...and he did. Hey, Nick...how about Navy jerseys for your next outing? (We'll see how that goes)

Wednesdays 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Justin Morneau
3. Brendan Harris

Tonight, Kevin, I really need you to win against Crappy Sidney Ponson. I need something to make me happy, and you getting a win, would definitely do that. Navy jerseys are always a plus too.

Sorry for the short entry...I'm just not in the mood to babble any more.

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