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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can You Take Me High Enough?!

Okay, sorry for the cheesy title. Every time I'm cursing the Yankees under my breath saying "Damn Yankees" it makes me start to bust out into song.

I thought today the Twins had it. After they had the come from behind to go ahead of the Yankees...stupid A. Rod had to go and ruin the nice win we should have had coming. I feel bad for Nicky Blackburn. He should have gotten the win. I thought for sure that Texeria was bound to get out too considering he hadn't ever gotten out by Blackburn. But no. Of course not...of course he had to go and spoil my Saturday afternoon and get a hit to score the tying run. BOO ON HIM!

I honestly don't think the Yankees are as good of a team as everyone thinks they are. They are old overpaid players that have more of an intimidation factor than an actual bad ass factor. I think they use the intimidation to the fullest extend. People get scared of having to play the Yankees because they are the Yankees. I say "screw the Yankees! Kick their asses!!"

PS...If anyone is wondering why no Yankees players got a star yesterday...well it's because no matter how well they do. I will NEVER give a star of the game to a Yankees player. It'd be like giving one to a Chicago White Sox player. It just won't happen. If you need someone to blame for this...Nick Swisher is a good option. After all, he has been a member of both teams.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he didn't get the loss and came oh so close at getting the win today. I think he pitched well over all.)
2. Justin Morneau (he's a bad ass...don't deny it.)
3. Joe Mauer (I don't think him and Justin like getting home runs without the other one getting one too.)

People who have not worked their way off my list:
1. Craig Breslow. (Hi, he did get the loss (again) today. I'm not happy about him giving up a home run to A. Rod to let the Yankees win today. It's unacceptable.)

PS...I think Cuddy got ripped off on the out they called him on (where he touched 2nd base and then went back to first base.) Even with the replays there was nothing else Cuddy could have done to not be called out. I also think Punto got ripped off on the stole base he should have gotten. He was safe (not by much)...but got called out. I hate the umps today for not doing well at calling the game correctly. It sucks that the Twins had to be on the losing end of their bad calls! Tomorrow and Monday, they better make it the Yankees on the losing ends of the bad calls!


S.Rail said...

Love the label "Damn Yankees". That is the truth right there. And Craig Breslow? He couldn't throw a strike to save his life! I am sick of us ALWAYS losing to them. We must have a curse or something...

Heidi said...

I feel sad for Craig Breslow, but yes... He's on "the list"

For The Love... said...

Craig needs to shape up! He definitely has the cute thing going for him...but I fear for his roster spot if he keeps up the horror he has put us through lately.
Hopefully if he does get "demoted" that Brain Duensing can replace him...that way the cute factor stays with us!