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Monday, May 4, 2009

Cino De Mayo...celebrating a WIN!

So last nights game...I was shocked that Liriano went into the 8th inning pitching. I am not a Liriano fan just because he finally got a win last night. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be a Liriano fan. He's just not my favorite player. I sorta loathe him. I will admit, he did pitch fairly well last night (even though he gave up a home run to tie the game at 1 apiece), I will admit...it's nice for him to finally get into the win column.

I thought (up until he fell apart in the 6th inning) that Detroit's pitcher Jackson pitched very well also. I thought for sure it was going to be a badass pitching duel and be a brutal 11-12 inning game, so Detroit fans would have to suffer like I did, but no such luck! The boys shined and then took 9 batters through one inning.

I am happy to learn that Jerry White just suffered a contusion on his foot. I thought for sure getting drilled in the ankle area would mean a broken bone, especially with how fast and hard he went down. I bet Joe Crede just felt terrible since it was his foul ball that hit that into Jerry's foot. It did seem weird (and looked it) when Joe Vavra took Jerry's place.

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Michael Cuddyer (notice how well he's been playing since he's "Nesheked" his socks?? over .400 batting average in the last 4-6 games...whenever he started hiking the socks up. Coincidence? I think not.) *I have since learned that he wears stirrups like Dickey, but I still approve cause you can't really tell.
2. Denard Span
3. Francisco Liriano (as much as I don't want to give that to him)

Joe Mauer went 0-5 last night which was not only disappointing considering how he did over the weekend of his return, but also very damaging to his batting average. He was (at one point) .800 over the weekend, but now is sitting at .467. Not as good. Joe, you need to keep getting those great hits and knocking in some runs...you could blow the entire MLB away with an amazing average if you keep up your weekend threats!

Tonight, Mr. Blackburn is up for the Twins...I believe he's ready to knock some stripes off of those Detroit Tigers and kick some ass! Navy, Nick Blackburn...NAVY. :)

Enjoy some Tequila today and pre-celebrate the exciting win that will be coming our way tonight! Woo!

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