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Friday, May 15, 2009

Day Games and Emerging Heroes

So apparently when I yelled at Joe Crede early in the season saying that he really needed to impress me and prove to me that he was worthy of being a Twin, he listened. Granted it took him about a month for me to warm up to him, I am now approving of Joe Crede as a MN Twins player. Now, he better not get on my bad side.

Delmon Young will be out for a few days (family emergency)...I'm okay that he won't be playing against the Yankees. I'd rather have Kubel, Span and Go-Gomez playing against them. I would love to dominate the Yankees.

Yesterday I sat at work listening to the Twins on my radio, since I couldn't be at the game and since the game wouldn't have been on TV even if I would have been home to watch them. During the 7th inning, I got up briefly from my desk to talk to a coworker. Our conversation quickly got interrupted when Kubel got his hit to drive in a run and if not for the Ground Rule part of the double, would have gotten 2 rbi's. It was okay, because we loaded the bases up again, and then Crede came to the rescue and drove 2 runs in. It was like the night before's game just continued and wanted to be relived again. (except without the long drawn-out game that seemed to never end).

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 3 for 4 with his ground rule double almost tying the game)
2. Joe Crede (come on, he drove in the 2 runs to give the Twins the lead in teh 7th inning)
3. Joe Nathan (he did pitch again, and very well again. He does deserve it.)

With how well Justin Verlander was doing against us, I didn't think we had a shot. He had 13 strike outs yesterday alone. That was his career high in strike outs...and of course it had to come against us. He was on fire. He even pitched 122 pitches...which I don't entirely blame Jim Leyland for doing...his bullpen is very fragile and they did use every single pitcher in the game before.

I found it kinda funny that I made the comment about Rincon from Tuesday night's game...and he got designated for assignment right after that game. HA HA!! See what happens to you Juan Rincon when I don't like that you tried to steal Kevin's jersey number. Better luck next time...or in Triple-A...or with another team (which is unlikely in my opinion...If I were a front office member of any other MLB team, Juan Rincon would not be someone I'd pick up off waivers.) Though this article seems to think his best bet IS free agency. Good luck.

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