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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birtthday, Got A Blown Save For Ya

First off, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Justin...and good for him for getting 2 home runs on his birthday. That's gotta be nice. Too bad the beautiful in the Navy, Joe Nathan had to go and blow the save. It's unfortunate because I really like it when the Twins beat the Yankees. I hate the Yankees...a lot.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (hey, two homers and a great defensive play to get Swisher out in the bottom of the 9th...yeah, he's golden)
2. Joe Mauer (home run, walk...he's just being Joe)
3. Jason Kubel (he kinda always slips under the radar...unless he gets a home run. Kubel is growing more and more on me)

Denard Span would have been an honorable mention if it wouldn't have been for the in the park home run, that was partially his fielding ability. I know he's better than that and that dude did run really really fast...even though he took a nose dive after turning 'round first base. I laughed a little at that.

I learned tonight that Justin Morneau like Rice Krispie treats. He was eating one in the dugout tonight...I giggled. It was super cute. Justin gets a star for being super cute.

I don't have much else to write about for tonight's game. I basically had it in the background of the restaurant I was at. I was shocked though that Liriano choose to wear the Navy jersey...I'm pretty sure it was GLEN who told me he would wear the Navy...not everyone but him and Timmy. We'll see what Nick Blackburn wears tomorrow. Also a note about the jersey's tonight...don't the Twins usually have jerseys that say "Minnesota" on them when they are away...and "Twins" when they are home??? Tonight, they had "Twins" on their jerseys and they were away. I'm confused.


DCTwinsFan said...

Yeah... that's what happens against the Yankees in mid-May.

Miss Mica said...

I also hate those Damn Yankees! Grrr

For The Love... said...

stupid stupid yankees. I hate them. more than anything. it seems so perfect that Nick Swisher plays for them...all the more reason to hate them.