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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...Magic to Make You Happy

Here I was thinking when they said Justin would be wearing "pink" shoes, that they meant they would be primarily pink, but instead just the logo parts of his Rbk shoes were pink. Picture these: (but pink instead of white)I was listening to most of the game on WCCO because I was at the Saint's game, which was more of watching the dogs at game bark at the mascots than watch the Saint's get destroyed, and I heard John Gordon say that the past two years for Mother's Day, the Twins had won. I would like to note that I was at both those last two games, and this was my first year in three years that I wasn't at the Mother's Day game. I shall not repeat my mistake. (Side note: I heard that there were some scouts for Seattle in attendance at the game. I am guessing they weren't scouting any Saint's player...maybe players from the other team.)

If you're looking for someone to blame for the loss yesterday (other than Crain or Mijares), I'll let you blame me. Like I said, I shall not repeat that mistake again. I did miss seeing the boys wear pink. It's always enjoyable watching manly men wear pink.

Nick Blackburn did extremely well in yesterdays game. Pitched 7 shutout innings and let the game after the 7th with a 2-0 lead. If I were him, I would have figured to get the win and figured that I had nothing to worry about. The only part of the game that I was nervous during was the run down with Endy Chavez, and an MIA Matt Tolbert not covering 2nd base, like he should have been leaving Brendan Harris to chase down the runner and amazingly get him out. The picture of the play did make me giggle a bit.Good thing Brendan is speedy.

My list seems to keep growing (as far as day to day games is concerned...it takes a few games screw-ups to get on the list permanently (or "semi-permanent" I guess) on the list. Right now, there are a couple new additions to the list-until they win back my love.
1. Jesse Crain. (He's been there before...he knows how to get off this list)
2. Joes Mijares (just when I thought he was in his fine form of last year, he looked like he did during spring training. I hope this was just a "bad day" for him and there isn't a repeat performance of this.)

Moving onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he did amazing yesterday. 7 shutout innings, only to be let down by the bullpen and get another no-decision.)
2. Brendan Harris (that run down alone may have earned him that star, but he didn't too terrible at the plate. He took a few walks to get on base. No hits, yes, but walks are what haunt those pitchers.)
3. Ken Griffey Jr. (again, I hate giving stars to the other team, but he did get a 2-run blast that not only went through the Subway sign, which I find funny since I just made the comment the other day about how Justin's was the closest I've seen one come...but Griffey also tied the game up at 2.)

Now in case you need some cheering up and something to watch Twins-related during this reflective off day, I suggest you watch Cuddy's magic tricks. It provides some good entertainment, but you also get to see Cuddy in action with his magic. After a loss like yesterday, we all could use some cheering up.

Tomorrow, Kevin Slowey will try to knock some stripes off Detroit Tigers and I will be there to photographically document his journey. Pictures will follow after the game tomorrow. Enjoy the day off today!

SIDE NOTE ABOUT JUSTIN'S SHOES: (Here's a picture of him with the shoes...courtesy of Justinmorneau.com) His shoes look more red than pink. I am disappointed, Justin.


Heidi said...

nicky always does well when I don't start him on my fantasy team. when I do start him he goes 3 1/2 innings giving up a ton of runs. Lesson learned: I'm never starting Nick Blackburn again.

For The Love... said...

If I had a fantasy team, it probably would have went that way too. That's how my fantasy football team went. Every time I sat Aaron Rodgers when he sucked, he was unbelievable the next game. So not fair!

S.Rail said...

Morneau in pink shoes...what a site that would be!

For The Love... said...

yes, if only even the details would have been actually pink. sad.