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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hating is Good

Let me start off with a list of the reason I HATE the Yankees. (it could be a lofty list...and I may leave some very good reasons off...after all there are MANY reasons to HATE the Yankees.)

1. Mark Teixeira (he is an arrogant ass who thinks he is God's gift to baseball...it makes me want to be the living daylights out of him and smack him back to reality.)
2. Nick Swisher (do I really need to explain this one?)
3. Johnny Damon (You mean, Johnny Demon? He is Satan's spawn.)
4. A. Rod (Who doesn't hate A. Rod? Madonna?)
5. Derek Jeter (He looks like Lance Bass from *NSYNC...that's enough reason to hate him right there.)
6. C.C. Sabathia (come on...$137.5 million, 6 year deal?? That's a boatload of $$)
7. Andy Pettitte (hi, can we say drug user?)8. Mirano Rivera (he just really bugs me...plus he's a Yankees player.)
9. The Yankees cheat to become better players (steroids...a good # of them have been busted for using.)10. They have no attractive players on their roster (yes, this is a good reason to hate them.)
11. They infuse their curse onto us every time we play them in New York.
12. They built a ballpark that looks nearly identical to the former park they had.
13. They are ridiculously overpaid players.
14. Players sell out and only play for $ when they sign with the Yankees.
15. They are the Yankees!!! I found a great website last night...it's about hating the Yankees too...apparently I'm not alone in this feeling. Yankees Hater check it out! They even sell merchandise.

I was appalled at Glen Perkins performance last night. I thought for a second that I had entered an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was a freaky reality and it wasn't right. When a starting pitcher gets taken out after facing NINE batters in the first inning and can not get a good out to save his life...I am floored. Speechless. I'm hoping soon to have these last four games eternal sunshined out of my mind too. I don't need to remember them. Maybe I'll consider keeping Nick Blackburn, and Kevin Slowey's games...even though they lost, they both pitched great. I am proud of those two boys. KEEP THAT UP!!

I found out this morning that Glen in fact is now on the 15-day disabled list. He felt soreness in his left elbow...even before last night's game, and didn't say anything to anyone. I HATE it when players do this. Yes, I understand you want to play and you don't want to let your team down, but really it only ever ends up hurting the team and costing them more than it would have if you would have just gotten yourself looked at in the first place. Why can they not understand this?

I don't know if I've said this while writing about any of the other games...but I absolutely refuse to give a star to any Yankees player no matter how well any of them did. Honestly right now...I'd rather relay a star over to Jason Bartlett (our still honorary Twins player) for going 3-3 in the Rays game last night and now having a .384 batting average! I am super impressed and so proud. I will always have a soft spot for Jason...I still love him.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (a home run to try and boost us to a win!)
2. Denard Span (also got a home run...and broke out of his hitting slump he had gotten himself in)
3. R.A. Dickey (he pitched very well last night and when you are a relief pitcher that has to come in to save the day in the first inning, you are facing A LOT of pressure. He did very good!)

Still on my "list"
1. Craig Breslow
2. Jesse Crain

Flirting with the line to the "list"
1. Glen Perkins

Tonight: Chicago White Sucks. Go Twins. 'Nuf said.

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