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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Top 3 reasons I love Kevin Slowey:
1. He is Kevin Slowey
2. He chose the Navy jerseys last night when I was having a shitty night.
3. He allowed me to see the beautiful Joe Nathan in the navy. I love it.
Okay, quickly here...until after tonight's Twins game which I'm going to again, and sitting by the bullpen....the 3 Stars of last night's game.

3 Stars:
1. Joe Mauer
(he went 2 for 3, with a home run for his first at bat of the season, and the first pitch he swung at, had a great hit, walked and scored 3 of the runs the Twins put together.)
2. Kevin Slowey (sorry, he automatically gets one for being the highest winning Twins pitcher.
3. Joe Nathan (he didn't screw up and he's hot in those jerseys)


S.Rail said...

Yay Slowey!

Wow, are you as happy as I am to have Mauer back? He looks to be in great shape for the season!

Mrs. Slowey said...

it was very nice to have joe back in the line up...it's like the other boys just needed a boost of confidence and joe mauer seemed to be that boost.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! It is so great and I like how you speak your mind (I totally agree about Liriano). I also love how you know what is actually going on in the game and you also love the guys!Keep posting, I look forward to it every day after each game!!!

P.S. How do you get such great seats??

For The Love... said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the feedback! it's always nice to know someone's reading! :)

I get my seats by going to the pro shop (cause you can tell them the sections you want to sit in) and then i usually have like 3 sections I'm willing to sit in. hehe...

Anonymous said...

SWEET! I'll have to do that next time I plan on going to a game. How far out do you buy them?? Like a couple weeks or can you get them sooner than that? Good Luck To SLOWEY TONIGHT!!!!

For The Love... said...

I think it usually just depends on who they are playing...I've gotten row 4 the morning of a game. Monday-Thursday games are always less crowded!
I'm hoping he'll get a great win tonight while I'm there watching!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is the last one!! But do you know when batting practice starts before the game? I'm going to the game on saturday!!!

For The Love... said...

Monday-Friday it's 1 1/2 before the game, Saturdays and Sundays is 2 hours before the game start time.

Anonymous said...

When you go in the game can you go back out into the plaza? or do you have to stay in the dome?

For The Love... said...

You can go back out...they usually will just mark your ticket. Just tell them you forgot something in your car and are going to run back out. I've done it before.