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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Just Goes to Show You

Here is a special service note to Twins players:
Don't piss me off and get on my shit list. You will not withstand much after you keep yourself on the "list" for a number of days.

Craig Breslow got placed on waivers and was picked up by Oakland at 12:54 pm today. First Casilla on my list, then Breslow and now both are not with the Twins "active" roster (Casilla is in the minors, and Breslow is now with the A's.)

The writer for the 'Tribe thought that the move was surprising...I don't think it was. We have Mijares (left hander) and now Sean Henn (left hander)...why do we need 3 lefties? Breslow was dispenseable and has not shown he is a quality reliever this year. There are plenty of guys in the minors waiting for their chance and probably could pitch better...with lower ERA's.

Our new addition: Anthony Swarzak. Welcome Anthony...keep off the list, and all will be okay (until Glen comes of the DL.)

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