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Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Say No...to Women's Fertility drugs

It made me laugh when I learned that Manny Ramirez got busted for performance enhancing drug use. I don't like Manny...he quite possibly is the epitome of all things I hate. Not only did he get busted...but he got busted using the "female fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG." Maybe he just wanted to get in touch with his feminine side. It makes me think of the movie John Tucker Must Die where "John" has estrogen put into his protein shake mix...and then he starts crying and acting like a woman in the movie. I would have been highly entertained if Manny would have been "Manny" doing that. (carefully, Manny...you might start doing this!)

Okay, off my rant about Manny. I have decided that Denard Span is truly an unsung hero. He is an exceptional player and I don't think anyone truly sees how great he is. Last night again, he had some amazing fielding plays. I thought for sure his tumble catch (seen here) would make ESPN's top 10 plays. No, but Adam Jones' catch did. Span was ripped off. Just like he was the day before when he had the spectacular outfield assist in getting the out at home. Denard, you are special in my book! I appreciate you even if ESPN doesn't.

In lieu of the navy jerseys, I have decided that tomorrow when I go to meet Glen Perkins, in the ghetto, at Cub Foods, that I am going to tell him this: "Glen, I think you should always wear the navy jerseys. I like them better and you guys look and play better in them." I'm not sure he won't think I'm insane, and I'm pretty sure he will laugh at me. I don't care. I'm not scared to speak my mind or tell someone what I'm thinking. I'm just being honest, and hoping to affect his future jersey choices. Hopefully all the subliminal messages I'll be sending will get the other guys to choose them every time too. (well all but Liriano...I don't like him, so he doesn't need to try and get on my good side...he's never going to be there.)

Well, Crede is trying his best to get off my shit list. He did great last night and clocked the ball most every time he was up to bat. He got some good key hits and tried his hardest. I appreciate his efforts and his attempts to get off my list. Delmon Young, yes, he got some hits too, but his fielding still needs work. He needs to learn how to hit and field in a game...not just do one or the other. I'm tired of that display.

Last Night's 3 Stars: (I know you've been waiting for it)
1. Denard Span (not only did he have the great fielding plays...he also went 2-5, which is way more than Mr. Morneau can say. Justin, you better be careful...you might make "the list"
2. Matt Tolbert (he was a shining star last night! He definitely is a good breath of fresh air for the Twins. Good fielding and 2-4 last night...which any amount of hits is better than Casilla did. Plus did anyone see his first bunt?!? Holy crap, quite possibly the best bunt I've ever seen. (no video on MLB, but it literally was hugging the 3rd base line and the Oriels were waiting for the ball to go foul, when it hit something and rolled into the grass in fair territory. It was great!)
3. Joe Mauer (he really got a key hit of the game, allowing Span to score and tie the game up...even though we lost, Joe pulled his weight.)
Crede was an honorable mention for the stars. It honestly was between him and Joe Mauer for the 3rd star. Crede, I'm proud of ya!

Tonight: I am optimistic for a win for Scott Baker. He has paid his dues and is due for a win! I'll be cheering you on, Timmy! I know you can do it!

I also found out that the next game I'm planning on going to, most likely I will finally get to see Kevin Slowey pitch. I am elated.

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