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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kev, Carve Up Another Win

Thankfully, yesterday Jake Peavy told the White Sucks how much they suck and turned down the trade between San Diego and Chicago. I like Jake Peavy, he's a good pitcher. I don't want to have to hate him automatically because he goes to Chicago. Besides, why, oh why, would anyone want to play for them? I just don't understand. Granted I don't understand why players want to play for the Yankees either (then again...they just play for money, so that's why.)

I didn't like the one stat I came across on the Star Tribune's site: "Sunday's starter, Scott Baker, ranks among the AL leaders with 10 home runs allowed, and the Brewers rank among the leaders in home runs." Timmy...let's throw everyone off and NOT give up a home run Sunday...great. Thanks!

More after tonights game...Last post until next weekend. Don't miss me too much after tomorrow!


S.Rail said...

Whoa! Is that a real picture of kevin slowey with pumpkins?! :D

I like Jake Peavy too. I am so glad he didn't go to the sox. I mean, who really wants to go there anyways?

For The Love... said...

Sorry for the late response...yes, that is in fact Kevin (the real one)...carving pumpkins. I "borrowed" it from his brother's blog site.