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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing Like ANOTHER Night of Free Baseball

(Joe Mauer is really in the middle of the hand heart...)

So let me start off by saying this: Glen Perkins is a liar and I am totally fighting with him. He told me he'd wear the navy...and what was the first thing I noticed when I got to the game...cut off jerseys off all things. YUCK! Glen, this is why you didn't get the win for yourself. Maybe you would have gotten another win if you would have followed in Kevin's footsteps and honored your promise. Instead you just get to do this:Yeah, it sucked watching that home run from my view...can't imagine how much it sucked for Glen.
I found it funny last night with Detroit's pitcher. Every time he threw the ball, he had a funky little step at the end of his throw that made him look like a flamingo. It was humorous to my friends and me.Pretty, huh? lol...

I figured out a couple more at-bat songs. Brendan Harris had Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba" playing; and Kubel had "Sabatoge". Nothing too exciting, but I thought I would note that anyway.

The game last night definitely had it's ups and downs. Matty Guerrier and Jose Mijares switched gears with each other and switched who had the bad night. I got in a disagreement with the man sitting behind me. Matty G was one of the few in the bullpen lately that I have faith in, and I made that known to the man when he started bashing Guerrier and saying how he was going to give up a few runs. It reminded me of my brother and his comments on Sunday also bashing Matty. I turned to him and stood up for Matty, only to have Matty prove me wrong. Thankfully, R.A. Dickey didn't let me down. The man kept saying, "well here's three more runs for Detroit. Dickey's bound to give up a few." I told him he should start having faith in the bullpen. Dickey came through for me...gritted his teeth and got the batters out leaving the game unscathed. I began to feel a little bad for Breslow, who is obviously not just on my list, but Gardy's too...he was the lone bullpen member left in the bullpen...and he never got to see time in the game. Then I remembered that Craig still hasn't worked his way up to redeeming himself yet. Sorry, Craig.What a pinch hit for Jason Kubel. I usually try to tell Kubel he sucks when he's up to bat...and without thinking last night, I began to cheer him on when he came in for Go-Gomez in the 8th inning. Thankfully Kubel wanted to amaze us all and be a hero and get the game back within the Twins reach. 2-run home run to tie the game back up at 9 apiece.
When we started to go into the 10th inning, and I was yelling "Free Baseball...yay!" (with some sarcasm in my voice...I like quick good wins.)...my friend goes to me "Do we go into overtime in baseball?" I about died with laughter. No, J, we have extra innings...not "overtime". She claims she knew that after she said the wrong thing...I don't know if I believe it. :)
The other good quote of the night was from one of my other friends...I was chanting with one of the organ cheers...it's the "clap clap clap" cheer (yes, I know...it's hard to describe this cheer...but it's the one where you could insert words into it to go along with the clapping...like "AJ sucks, AJ sucks"...or "Get a hit, get a hit"...last night I choose "Detroit sucks, Detroit sucks..." to which my friend goes "What? Twins have sex?"

I would occasionally glance over to the bullpen to see who the Twins were warming up...and I got a little confused one of the times. I noticed the catcher wasn't Nate Dammann...it was...Brian Buscher.I think it's been so long since he's played that he got confused as to what position he now played. Buscher, Joe and Redmond are the catchers...not you. Though it was cute anyway.

I was also entertained by Justin last night...my camera liked taking dirty pictures last night...and I don't mean it rolled in the dirt first and then took a picture...I mean it got pictures like this...without me trying.
Justin, watch where you put your wood.

I stuck with the game through the brutal 4 hours and 48 minutes, and 13 innings to see Crede get the grand slam (which for a while, I thought for sure Detroit's pitcher was going to walk in a run with his erratic pitching.) and win big for the Twins.

Now, onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (obviously...he won the game for us, but he also played well in general last night.
2. Jason Kubel (he got a walk-off pinch hit home run to tie the game.)
3. Brendan Harris (he played well in the field, he got the most hits for the Twins, and he's batting over .300 right now. All in all, he's doing well.)

Yes, I know what some may be thinking. Why didn't Joe Nathan get a star, since he did pitch and didn't screw up? Well, I decided that Joe gets an honorable mention for last night's game. If he would have threw 2 innings and kept his pace...I may have reconsidered moving him up to an actual star. It was a close call.

Okay, now enjoy some more pictures from the game. (Captions below)The beautiful Joe Nathan

Matt Tolbert at bat

Matt Tolbert from the right side...

Cuddy up to bat


Brendan scoring a run

Justin during warm ups

Matt Tolbert looking cute


Heidi said...

I never realized how adorable matt tolbert is. Definitely my new back up baseball boyfriend.

For The Love... said...

yeah he is a cutie!

S.Rail said...

Love the last Tolbert picture!