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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

OY With The Poodles Already

Okay, there are a few of the boys who are on my list. My shit list that is. It's going to take some serious ass kissing for them to get off my list.

1. Alexi Casilla (need I really say more?? Look at his average, and lately his sloppy play if you need a reason.)
2. Joe Crede (yes, although he's listened to me a couple times, he hasn't been the "big star" the Twins made him out to be yet.
3. Delmon Young (why, did we EVER have to get him? He's still too green to be playing every day. I think that giant ass of his is slowing down his "range of motions"...there are days where he plays well in the field, but then there are days like last night. Error. Error. Error. (yes, I know he only got one error, just trying to make a point))
4. Michael Cuddyer (just for last night's performance)

That was an embarassing and awful game to watch last night. If I would have been at home instead of at Buffalo Wild Wings, I might have thrown something at the tv, or shouted so loud at it that the Twins actually heard me IN Detroit. I was amazed that it was only the 3rd inning and we were already losing 6-0 and we only had 1 hit to go off of. Boys, we can't win when we can't get two people to hit the ball in the same inning. Consecutive hits are what we need to be those pesky pirahanas that Ozzie called us (yes, I am also aware that Nicky Punto is the only one left).

I hate (today) that I have to give out 3 stars, because let's face it...there is only going to be 1 Twins player on it. Sad, sad day.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Miguel Caberra
2. Rick Porcello
3. Jason Kubel
(he went 3-4. The Twins totalled 5 hits, and 3 were Kubel's, he definitely gets a star for trying to carry the team.)

I am midly disappointed that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau haven't been the powerhouses I know they are. They both were 0-2 last night and got taken out (I'm guessing to try and get something going, not just because of the horrendous lead that Detroit had on us.) I'm not going to lie, I turned off the game by the end of the 7th. I just couldn't bear to watch any more of the beating. I honestly did have little faith that they could turn around a 9 run deficite when they couldn't string together any hits. You can't score runs if you're not hitting the ball. That seems obivious, I know, but someone had to say it!

Tonight: Kevin Slowey is up for the Twins. Hey! At least we have 1 pitcher with a winning record and who has done good in his outings! I feel much more secure with this game in hand tonight. Kevin, WIN! (PS, Navy is always a good jersey option too...just saying)


Heidi said...

I agree on Delmon Young! And it hurts especially bad when you realize how great Bartlett and Garza are doing in Tampa. it makes me want to throw things.

For The Love... said...

amen to that! i have to fight hard to not shed tears with how great those other two are doing. it's really quite sickening to see Twins trade away players that are good only to watch them be great.

For The Love... said...
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