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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

People Who Know Less Than Nothing About Baseball Should Not Be Allowed To Sit By Me

Sorry for the long title, but it's how I feel. You'll see why when I list some of the quotes from the crazy lady. She drove me crazy because she said the dumbest things and dissed Slowey too much for my liking. I wanted to turn to her and say, "you do realize that I have a Slowey t-shirt on, that he's my favorite AND he's got the most wins of all the Twins starters, right?" but I didn't.

During batting practice, I had to remind my friend that she needed to pay attention. Home runs (cause we were in the HR porch) are common and it's hard to see them coming if you don't watch them from the time they are hit. There were a few close calls, but thankfully, I didn't have to try out my (lack of) baseball skills and catch the balls.
I did however realize that Juan Rincon was standing in left field only a little ways away. It made me scowl and curse Rincon under my breath. I don't think there has EVER been a memeber of the bullpen that I have dispised to much. So I came up with a few reasons to hate Juan Rincon, other than the fact that he screwed us over many times, sucked, etc. while with the Twins.

Reasons to hate Juan Rincon (other than the obvious):
1. He's a Detroit Tiger
2. He's Juan Rincon
3. He stole Kevin's number and now wears #59 for the TigersDelmon Young has made my naughty list. The first inning (I will call it an error, even though they gave the Tiger player a hit) error was pathetic. I couldn't believe he missed that ball. He wasn't even close...I could see how far away he was...and I myself (even with my lack of skill when it comes to baseball fielding) could have probably even caught that ball. It was pathetic. If it would have cost Slowey a run, Delmon would have permanenately made my list. I think he's flirts with the line for Gardy shit list too...after all, he did get benched late in the game to be replaced by Go-Gomez. (that made me quite happy.) Another note of who is certainlly still on my list: Jesse Crain. Mijares at least pitched well to start working his way off the list. Crain just dug himself deeper.

I love home runs...except when they come to close to me. Crede's home run was to my right, and about 3 rows down, and a couple people over from me. Joe Mauer's home run was to my left, 2 rows down and a couple people over. I was hoping someone else would hit a home run and hit the lady next to me...and then I'd be able to recover the ball after (I like balls that gently come to me...not ones I have to try to catch without making an ass of myself.) Thankfully, I did not make FSN (I watched the replays of the home run, and pretty much only the people that actually caught the ball were on TV.)

I love that Nicky Punto plays "Thriller" for his at-bat music. It's humorous, but also makes me really want to run into Nicky so I can ask him why. It just seems like an odd song to have, but I can't complain...at least it's not a song that was specifically written for him and has his name in it. Kevin "warm up/intro" music, whatever you want to call it is "Slow Ride", also like Nicky's is kind of amusing. I understand the Twins (or whoever plays the music) is rolling off the pun of Kevin's last name being Slowey, but at least it's not a bad song.
Hmm...here's the list of at-bat music I know I have figured out:
1. Joe Mauer (song written by his friend...and not a good one in my opinion)
2. Justin Morneau ("TNT" by AC/DC...LOVE this song!)
3. Nicky Punto ("Thriller" by MJ)
4. Matt Tolbert ("Zombie" by the Cranberries)
5. Joe Nathan ("Stand Up and Shout" by a fake band made for the movie "Rockstar")
6. Kevin Slowey ("Slow Ride" by Foghat)

I know that I know Joe Crede's and Jason Kubel's songs, but for the life of me, I am either too tired or just having a dumb moment this morning and can't place the songs. I'm sure there are probably more too that I know, but my mind is still asleep this morning. In reference to Joe Crede...here's the best quote ever from him: "I never knew what the songs were. Before, in the past, when I have picked them, for me personally, I'll go up there and I'll hear it and think, 'Yeah, that's the song I picked out,' and all of a sudden my focus is way off. Now I'm concentrating on the song. For some guys, it helps them a little bit, especially at home, but for me, I did it for a couple years and it just seemed that my focus just wasn't what I thought it should be. That's just me. I just prefer that I not pick it unless they start playing something like Justin Timberlake. Then I'd have to go up there and change that."

NOW...what you've most likely been waiting for...Quotes from the lady sitting next to me. (As seen here)** "Oh, that must be an infield fly ball!" (the ball went foul into the seats)
** "Good thing he got out of that jamb." (2 outs already, 2 guys on....and 2 strikes to the current batter.)
** "There's no one on base, right?" (she asked her son after only Joe Crede had been up and had just gotten out.)
** "Uh oh, that's not good." (after a Tiger got a base hit off Kevin, with no other guys on base and 1 out already.)
** "Nice." (she said when a Detroit Tiger got a hit to Delmon Young.)
** "Oh there goes another one." (when the ball was a shallow fly ball to center.)
** "Oh he doesn't have it." (When Delmon Young was RIGHT underneath the ball and ready to catch it.)
** "Oh it's fine; he'll be fine" (she said when Mijares had 2 balls and no strike count...but when Kevin pitched a ball to a batter, she freaked out.)

She didn't realize that when pitches were hit foul they counted as a strike (provided there wasn't already 2 strikes to the batter.)

Just a random fact...Kevin pitched 98 pitches; 27 were balls and 71 were strikes. It's amazing that he had more than twice as many strikes as balls and the lady bitched the whole time Kevin was pitching whenever he threw any balls. It was annoying. I wanted to hit her...repeatedly.
If you see this lady...change seats (SEE ABOVE PICTURE) (the blonde lady who is blinking...I'm the one in the fore ground.)

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer
2. Kevin Slowey
3. Joe Nathan

*honorable mention: Joe Crede.

Now, enjoy some pictures...captions are below.
Joe warming up before the game...

Kevin's warm up pitches

Kevin...uhh...not sure. I just know this picture makes me look kinda like a stalker...oh well!

Joe playing catch

Kevin getting mentally prepared

Kevin's glove needed some TLC

Stalker photo #2

Whoever likes Joe Mauer, you're welcome. I took this for someone...Joe doesn't strike my fancy.

Oh, Joe.

Some more fixes to the glove

Haha...I had to (Kevin)

Stalker photo #3

NOW JOE NATHAN AND HIS "Routine"...aka when he arrives in the bullpen.

Some pound and explode with fellow teammate R.A. Dickey

Drinking some liquids (I think it's just water, but I'm not certain)

Some more pound and explode with Ayala.


Heidi said...

1. I think I've sat next to that lady at the dome.
2. Joe Mauer does strike my fancy, so thank you!
3. Theories for why Nicky Punto's music is Thriller a. he makes many thrilling plays in the field. b. he likes to dance. c. he's secretly a zombie.

For The Love... said...


I'm sorry if you have infact sat next to that lady. She was special, and that's an understatement! :)

I like c. for why Nicky has Thriller. It seems most likely.

S.Rail said...

Ok, I LOVE those pictures you took first of all

Second, That lady must have been extremely annoying. When I was at the game the most previous time, there was a lady who would ALWAYS sing the "duh duh duh duhhhh...CHARGE!" Song as lound as she could. She would also yell to the Twins at bat like they could here her (example: Come on Spaaaaaaaayun! You can do ittt!! In a really high icky voice.) She drove me crazy!!

And Lastly: Perkins didn't listen to you about the jersey's....sigh

S.Rail said...

P.S. I TOTALLY agree on the Delmon Young sucks thing. I wanted to strangle him after his misplay in the first inning of Slowey's game!

For The Love... said...

You shall love today's pictures too if you loved those others! :) (no Kevin, but lots of everyone else)

I would have probably actually hit the lady you sat next to if the woman next to me would have vocally sang the cheers...

Glen Perkins and I are fighting. He's on my list for lying to me!!