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Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Get A Gold Star!

All I know is that the Twins better not use up their entire run quota today and then score NONE tomorrow night. I will not be happy if that is the case. I want this bashing to continue on through the weekend, and even through next week (even though I won't be able to witness anything after tomorrow, until next weekend.)

I don't know that I even want to talk about last night's game. We were doing so well (well Liriano was...) and then...then...he fell apart and just collapsed. It was bad. It was like watching a train wreck...I just couldn't turn it off either. I think that may be the worst part of games like that. I didn't want to watch any more because it was so ridiculous, but for some reason I never picked up the TV remote to turn it off an watch something (anything) better.

Their 3 Stars of the Game were revoked last night. Yes I know there were hits...6 of them...but no one got more than 1 hit. It was sad...and not what I like to see from the Twins.

Today...I'm listening to the game and I am speechless. Why couldn't they have used some of these runs and spaced them out over the 3 games. Really, did they need to score 20 runs? I'm not complaining, at all.

Highlights...Tolbert first ever MLB home run; Cuddy getting a 3-run home run; Mauer getting a grand slam!; Crede getting a home run.

Low notes: Justin and Punto going hitless...Justin 0-2 (though he did get walked 3 times) and Nicky going 0-4...with 2 K's. Tolbert getting an error to cost the Twins getting the shut out. Matt Tolbert basically broke even today.

3 Stars of the Game: (this is semi-difficult with how many runs and hits the Twins got today)
1. Joe Mauer (even though he got taken out in the 7th he still went 3-4 with 2 doubles, 6 RBI's.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (4-6 with 3 RBI's)
3. Nick Blackburn (7 shut out innings and pitched really well!)

High honorable mention: Jose Morales (he went 3-4, with 2 walks!)
Other honorable metion: Jason Kubel (he went 3-4 as well with 2 RBI's)

Way to go boys! Way to blow the White Sucks out of the water today and snap your 6-game losing streak! I was really tired of the losing, so I am very happy today came with a win. Let's keep the winning up and the minimal number of runs we allow the other team to have to just that...minimal. Non-existent would be the best!

Keep the winning in the Navy jerseys up! I love winning in them...it proves my theory of you boys playing better when wearing them. Stupid Liriano has to go and ruin my theory EVERY time he pitches. I don't want him to pick that jersey...everyone else can...just not HIM! I think it's my dislike for him that makes him not do good when he chooses the Navy...even though I LOVE the navy jerseys, my love for them can't out weigh my dislike for Liriano. He just doesn't thrill me at all.

Tomorrow night: Kevin Slowey against the Brewers and me in attendance. Boys, keep those runs a coming!!


Heidi said...

I will take credit for Nick Blackburn's good pitching...You see, Nick is on my fantasy team and when I start him, he sucks, but when I don't start him he does really well. I didn't start him today, and I never will again.
I was at last night's game and it was even more painful to watch in person with happy white sox fans all around.

For The Love... said...

lol...I'll let you have the credit then! that's too funny (but yet not at the same time)
You had to endure that painful game in person? Yuck! I may have asked for my $ back if I were you. hehe

S.Rail said...

I sure do love that Tolbert <3