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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stand In The Rain...Don't Mess With Me

I officially hate rain delays. They don't help with me needing a distraction at this point in time. I really am in desperate need to see Kevin Slowey. He makes me happier.

I find it somewhat amusing to learn that Alexi Casilla has been demoted. (Casilla, see what happens when you get on my shit list?!?) I am extremely ecstatic to learn though that Matt Tolbert (my dear friend whose beer I spilled last year) is back and in the 1 3/4 innings they have played so far, has played exceptionally well. I love Matt Tolbert, not like I love Kevin...more like how I love my family. He's a cutie, but not my Twins boyfriend (s).Yup, somehow right before this picture...I knocked over his beer. Oops.

Now onto more Twins baseball...Lord, let the rain stop until the game is over! I want baseball!

(The rest of the blog...the remainder of the game will be below here.)

NOTE: Denard Span may have earned himself a star of the game for the throw to home plate that got the runner out. That was a Cuddy-like throw and just reinforces every reason I have to appreciate him as a player.

And the good news...oh wait, bad news...more rain. I hate rain.

Denard Span definitely gets a star of the game (even though they've only play 3 full innings). He's been amazing in the little time of them. Matt Tolbert is brushing up on my good side. I like it.

To be continued.....

Okay, 3 Stars of the (unfinished) game:
1. Denard Span (if you saw any of his unbelievable plays, you'd agree.
2. Nicky Punto...I mean Superman. He had a very Nicky-like diving...err flying catch that he made in foul territory. It was superb.
3. Matt Tolbert (just because I can...and because he made an out on the same type of play Alexi Casilla got an error on the night before.)

That is all. Hopefully rain won't keep baseball away again tonight.


DCTwinsFan said...

I disagree. Rain delays can be a lot of fun. And they're part of baseball.

DCTwinsFan said...

Sorry, that reminds me of a line from The Simpsons:

Marge: What does death have to do with baseball?
Isotopes Guy 1: Death is a part of baseball.
Isotopes Guy 2: Oh yeah, the main part.