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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tell Me How You Want It

Okay, I swear after tonight (well tomorrow really), I will stop using the song titles of Damn Yankees songs. For now, they just seem too appropriate not to use. What can I say about yesterday's game? Joe Mauer was phenomenal, as was Nicky Punto. I was amazed to find both of them on ESPN's web gems this morning, and Joe Mauer's play come across Sports Center's recap of the game (in case you don't watch Sports Center, the Twins are NEVER on there unless they play the Yankees, Boston or some other high profile team that Sports Center actually cares about.)
Careful, Johnny Damon...don't show those devil horns of yours to everyone.

Kevin pitched great yesterday and I thought for sure that he was going to be the one Twins pitcher that didn't falter and conquered the Yankees. For so long he did SO well...and then stupid A. Rod. I hate that man with almost every fiber of my being. Nick Swisher, A.J. Pierzynski and a few others would probably get EVERY fiber of my being.

I have decided that the Yankees players are all very homely looking. I couldn't for the life of me over the weekend find any one of them that I remotely found attractive. Now, I didn't see their entire roster, or bullpen, but from what I can tell...I think the Yankees are the ugliest men in baseball. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of requirement for every team to have at least one semi-attractive player on the roster? If not, they are going to start having baseball players that look like Boy George...(or the woman, whom a friend of mine knows through another friend of hers...YIKES! Anyone else see the uncanny resemblance...) I figured the picture would at least cheer some people up. Just think...at least none of the Twins looks like this!
I honestly can't take much more losing. I hate losing to the Yankees. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. YUCK! Tonight, hopefully Glen can pull through for us (wear the navy) grit his teeth and get those suckers out! Please Glen, don't rely too much on the bullpen...I think they just have been overworked and really...I don't want to have to see any of the fighting for their jobs (which I know some are pushing their luck with staying here if they don't shape up.) Really, we don't want to have to hire Juan Rincon back just because we are so desperate for new bullpen members. SHAPE UP, BOYS!!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer (he saved the game in the bottom of the 9th! I know Jesse screwed it up in the 10th, Joe was unbelievable!)
2. Nick Punto (when he comes sliding onto my tv only to make a foul catch on his knees while still sliding...he's gotta get a star! Plus, he made web gems.)
3. Kevin Slowey (I really don't think he did bad. I think A. Rod got a pitch he liked...and Kevin had to get that usual 1 home run out of the way. It's unfortunate that the Twins couldn't capitalize on the bases loaded that they were given a few times...but it wasn't Kevin's fault. NO! I'm not just being partial 'cause I love the man.)

Honorable mention: Carlos Gomez. He had a few good, needed hits in the game! He was very unlike Go-Gomez. He played well too!

That's it for now...try not to focus too much on the Boy George look-a-like...it might scare you too much if you do!


Heidi said...

I think that putting on a Yankees jersey automatically makes a person unattractive. Case in point, normally I think Jeter is ugly and I can't stand him, but this spring watching the World Baseball Classic and the guys in their USA jerseys, I uttered the phrase that should never be said, "Derek Jeter looks kind of hot." I immediately washed my mouth out with soap.

For The Love... said...

I don't know if I could ever utter that...he looks too much like Lance Bass from *NSYNC to me...lol... :)
At least their eyes really are quite similar, so it throws me off completely.