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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vacation: Had to Get Away

I am starting to wonder if the Twins are mad at me for planning on leaving them (in their darkest hour) for a week and go to Paris. I think they have decided to take a vacation (these past 5 games). I just haven't figured out why they felt the need to let me watch them lose 5 games in a row when I am on cloud nine preparing for my vacation on Saturday.

In case you haven't heard, Delmon Young's mother passed away. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Young family. I know how hard of a time this can be, and I'm sure it'll be tough for him to come back mentally prepared so soon after losing her. It's definitely not an easy thing to get over and focus on something else, like work.

I don't even know if I can hand out 3 Stars for last night's game. It was quite frankly, disappointing. I know that the White Sucks are just like the Yankees. I won't ever hand out Stars to them. I'll maybe give them a bottle of bleach...but that's it. In case you haven't seen the posters I made for a White Sucks game last year, see the previous entry from last year. Thank you Katie for the idea for the sign.

3 Stars of the Game: (for lack of options, bare with me...)
1. Denard Span (got 2 hits and a walk...going 2-3.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (got 2 hits as well, an RBI and went 2-4.)
3. Joe Mauer (got his 7th home run of the season)

Boys, tonight, please come back from your vacation. Take back what you should have gotten last night and please, oh please bleach those stinking socks and kick their asses!

Timmy...take a nap...a break, whatever you need. Next time you pitch, I expect to see a win come through on my phone (end of game text message I'll receive when in Paris...)

Friday night, I'll be at the game again, and I expect to see a win!! My friend will be with me, and he is a Brewers fan (who is instructed that he is not allowed to wear or cheer for the Brewers while in my presence...he has to wear his Joe Mauer t-shirt and Twins hat.) and I really don't want the Brewers to get a win, so that he has any reason to gloat. Pictures probably won't be added from that game...we're cheap seating it, unfortunately!

Saturday, there will be no blog post. I will be leaving on a jet plane for Paris, France! So no blog while I'm gone! Please, try not to miss me too much!! Kevin Slowey is going to help me kick off my trip Saturday morning. WOOT!

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