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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap of Unfortunate Losses

Okay, so here's my recap of the weekend losses. I don't know who to blame (other than sorry Craig Breslow) for the loss on Saturday night. That was the longest night of baseball I've ever had to endure. It was painful. My friend and I were there for batting practice, so I bet you could gather how sore and tired we were from those seats come the end of the 4 hour and 20 minute game. Over 6 hours we were at the Metrodome in those awful ass-numbing seats, which made the loss that much more painful.

3 Stars of Saturday Night:
1. Joe Nathan
2. Michael Cuddyer
3. Jose Mijares
(I was mildly amused sitting in front of the bullpen seeing Mijares pitch to Morales. The Jose's were lining up.)

10 Things enjoyable about the game:
1. Batting practice
2. Slightly see through throwback jerseys
3. Glen Perkins allowing me to take great pictures.
4. Laughing at Kevin Slowey and R.A. Dickey chat in the outfield rather than do anything during batting practice
5. Having a ton of guys sitting all around us at the game.
6. Having a Matt Garza look a like by us
7. Seeing a funny sign that a bachelor party made...and wondering if they were drunk when they made the sign. *NOTE: The sign actually says "Bert Me Circle" instead of "Circle Me Bert"...I guess they at least got the "me" part in the right place. 8. Getting a picture of Joe Nathan making his "motor boating" face9. Joe Mauer looking at...uhh...awkward...10. Using my stalker camera zoom lens to take a picture of my friend who was at the game and 6 sections and about 25 rows higher than me.
Here are a couple other photos from the game:I am beginning to think the bullpen needs us to whip them into shape. Once our starters come out it's like the bullpen (mainly the middle relievers) falls apart. Joe Nathan and Jose Mijares are about the only two solid rocks. They can't carry everyone.

Yesterday's game notes:
I thought (for some reason) that Scott Baker had given up a hit before the 7th inning, but I think I was just day dreaming a little too much. I blame my dad for Timmy's doom. He turned on the game right before they went to commercial break at the end of the 6th. So the first batter he saw Timmy face got a hit. I called him to tell him to turn off the game immediately after that. Everything went downhill from there (which you know, if you watched the game).
Once again, the bullpen failed us. I like the bullpen...in fact, I will even go as far to say...I LOVE THE BULLPEN, but the truth is they need to pitch better. We need more solid innings so that we don't have to rely too heavily on our offense (which, let's face it has been at best mediocre).

The 'Tribe said things best about R.A. Dickey: "R.A. Dickey, the knuckleballer, has not even fulfilled his duties as an innings-eating bullpen saver. You need outs to save the bullpen. Dickey's ERA is 5.93 and he has walked 10 in 13 2/3 innings. He is not saving the bullpen; he is prolonging its agony."

3 Stars of the Game (Sunday):
1. Justin Morneau
2. Jose Guillen (Believe me, I don't like giving out stars to the other team any more than anyone likes seeing them get one)
3. Joe Mauer (he tried to ignite a spark and a rally in the 9th. Props to you, Joe Mauer)

So far this season, Timmy and Liriano have a combined record of 0-8. That's doesn't look so good. I know that Timmy hasn't been entirely to blame, and I'm not just saying that because I like him. I don't think his efforts were entirely bad, nor do I think he always has pitched that poorly. In the first two games, yes, he struggled, but yesterday he looked great and like the Scott Baker we know and love.
I wish I had went to Sunday's game instead of Saturday for a couple reasons:
1. Scott Baker having a no-hitter into the 7th inning.
2. Kevin Slowey in the bullpen

I know, I am in a rut with my record for games I have attended. I am now 0-3. I don't know if I should count Saturday's loss though because it was after all during "free baseball" time that they let the Royals beat them.

Next time the game goes for 4+ hours, I expect a win, boys. Nothing less.
Tonight, I have low expectations. I'm not trying to be negative, but Liriano hasn't proven to me, or any other Twins fan that he really wants to win. A win would be excellent, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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