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Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Get A Gold Star

So I think Glen Perkins thinks I'm insane after meeting him (again) today. When I went through to get my ball signed, I told him how I thought that they should always wear the navy jerseys, because they look better in them and also play better when wearing them. He laughed and said "alright, the next time I pitch I'll wear those." So I will take FULL credit for the Navy during Glen's next go-around. I also proceeded to tell him "I'm really not insane" after saying the comment about the jersey. He just laughed. I was happy to at least get him to smile. He didn't seem like he was too excited to be there, but that's alright. He was late anyway (30 minutes) and was only supposed to be there for an hour. Good thing his line wasn't too long.

Onto last night's game. What a game! I was so happy about Brendan Harris getting a 3-run home run that the game could have been over right after that. Also Matt Tolbert had an outstanding fielding play whipping the ball over to first base to get the out. It was something Alexi Casilla totally would not have been able to get that ball over to Justin as fast as Mr. Tolbert did. Again, the Twins should have had some top-10 plays, but I doubt the Twins even crossed ESPN's radar, yet again. It's sad that we have such a low-market team, because when they play good, they play great! They deserve to be recognized.

I was very proud of Scott Baker last night. He was calm, cool, and very confident. He gave up minimal hits and pitched through 7-shut out innings. It was great to see him back in his normal form.

I almost had called Jason Kubel's
almost home run. I told him he sucked (he likes negative reinforcement) and then the ball flew, and hit the TOP of the short wall baggie. I would have been so frustrated if I were him. If it would have fell down the other way, it would have been a home run, instead it fell toward the field, and was a double. It's too bad for him. Next time, Kubs. Next time.

Okay onto the stars...though it was incredibly hard to pick just 3.

3 Stars of The Game:

1. Scott Baker (he really gets a gold star for the 7 shutout innings and listening to me when I said he was in need of a win finally.)
2. Brendan Harris
3. Joe Nathan (only cause he automatically gets a star, but also because I couldn't decide between EVERYONE else who got a hit! It's nice to see everyone get at least one hit.)

Tonight: Liriano up against Seattle. I'm not thrilled to watch the game, but most likely I will. Tomorrow will be my day where I'm going to have to rely on a recap to know what happened. I have to go to the Saints game with my family. Unfortunately. I wasn't able to convince them to go to the Twins game, which would have been a ton more fun.


S.Rail said...

YEAH! Way to tell Perk not to wear the crappy cutoffs! I will be thinking of you if he wears the navy next time :D

For The Love... said...

I kind of wish I would have said how bad the cutoffs look, but I think he was already thinking I was crazy as it was! :)
I'm really looking forward to Wednesday's game to see if he does wear the navy.