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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play Nice And Get A Treat

So as some of us have learned (see example here) that some of the players will listen when you offer to buy them their favorite snack. Last night was no different when Katie promised Mr. Morneau some BBQ Pringles if he hit a home run. Guess he wanted those Pringles awfully bad, because moments later, the ball sailed out of the park. Well some of us decided that we need to have a pot luck at the end of the season to pay back all of these items we now owe the boys. K-bro suggested for Nick Blackburn (upon learning Mr. Blackburn's nickname of "Pumpkin Tits") that we should make him pumpkin flavored...uhh "tit" shaped muffins. I found our way of completing this: see here
Now, we just need to promise all the other boys something for doing well when asked, and then our potluck can be complete! Our task is to now learn something that each of the players like, so we can promise them said item at the potluck (date and location TBD)

In all of our efforts last night, it was sad to see the Twins play like they were in a t-ball league again and didn't know how to hold a baseball, much less throw a baseball to a fellow teammates. I am beginning to feel super back for Mr. Pumpkin Tits...the Twins just seem to like to create errors when he is on the mound pitching. Take last year's 1-game playoff vs. Chicago White Sucks...1 error, and it cost us the game. Pumpkins Tits (who I might affectionately refer to as man titties cause it rolls off the tongue better, and is the only reason I could think of for how he got his nickname) always also seems to have pitching duels with the opposing teams pitcher. No matter if there is a pitcher on the other team that is set to face one of our other talented pitchers, it's always the one who faces Blackburn that has the duel. I am quite tired of this...I just want the Twins to be able to score runs and to make the plays (without errors) when Blackburn and all the other pitchers are pitching.

I have also determined that whoever Bert picks in his Pick the Stick, is doomed. As soon as Mauer's name rolled off his tongue last night...I chimed "Poor Joe." As a result of Bert picking Mauer...0-4. I feel your pain, Joe and I really did want you to prove my Bert theory wrong, but unfortunately you were unable to. I don't blame you though. I blame the curse of Bert. Maybe Bert should have gone with someone like Brian Buscher or Delmon Young...then it's expected anyway that they'll go 0 for how many ever times they are up to bat. Bert, if you're listening, please don't cause us any more misery! Thankfully, us the fans, picked Justin Morneau and he touched the most bases last night, and brought in the most runs. Good job fellow fans!
Bad Bert! I think he must "fart" on the player he picks before the game...eww.

I wonder how pissed off Gardy was at Denard Span when he ran in front of Delmon Young (who was frantically waving everyone off) and caught the ball. I don't blame him for not trusting Delmon, but it was kind of umm...mean (for lack of a better word to describe it). I know Gardy was already pissed off about Jason Kubel determined out. Kubel didn't move after hitting a ball, because he said it hit his foot, and they (the umps) deemed as a playable ball and caled him out. Wouldn't Jason Kubel have been the one who would have known for sure that the ball did indeed hit off his foot? I'm sure he felt it. Whoever said that the umps were the brightest crayons in the box? No I, and probably not Jason Kubel or Gardy. Not after last night anyway.I think the Twins struggle with grasping the concept of being more than one game above the .500 mark. That is the furthest they have come this season, and every time they could get that coveted 2 about .500, they fail. I'm hoping the change this, and soon. I really like winning and would love to be better than an average team. Plus, I'd really love for the Twins to take over the first place spot. I know, and they should know, that we are better than the rest of the teams in our division. It just seems like they want to act like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz and be trampled on for the first half of the season and then getting their courage from the Wizard and kicking ass the second half of the season. Find your courage now, boys!! Before the All-Star Break!3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (he got the home run we asked for and cut the lead in half)
2. Nick Blackburn (I'm at a loss for who else to pick from the Twins and really don't want to give 2 of 3 stars to the Royals...but Nick wasn't tooooo bad last night. Sure long balls got the best of him, but it happens!)
3. Miguel Olivo

Tonight: Scott Baker takes on the Royals against Bannister.

In serious, non-Twins related news...please keep my friend from college, Nathan Junker's family in your thoughts and prayers. Read about what happened to Nathan here. Police discovered Nathan's body last night around 8pm.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fly Away Little Birdies

(photo of Jason LaRue's creeper 'stash)

So this weekend got the best of me and I just couldn't find the motivation to sit down at my computer and write on my blog. I do apologize for anyone who was looking forward to reading my rambling thoughts over the weekend. I am a slacker. That being said, I am writing about all three games vs. the Cardinals in this lonely blog. Take it or leave it. (Yes, I am aware that I never blogged about Thursday's game...so I'll at least list the 3 stars of that game: 1. Scott Baker; 2. Matt Tolbert; 3. Brendan Harris)

15 Things I noticed while the Twins played the Cardinals:
1. It's a requirement to have a creeper 'stash when you play for the Cardinals. (Fu man chu style 'stash...it was rather gross if you didn't see it. Or in Ryan Franklin's case...a creeper goatee.)2. I like the plain white jersey that the Cardinals wear (why do some teams have plain white, and others have pin stripes?)
3. I like Albert Pujols when he is NOT facing us (especially Kevin Slowey)
4. It was hot in St. Louis...and I wasn't even there, but I felt their pain.
5. Kevin Slowey has a funny tan line on his chest (he normally wears an undershirt under his jersey, but Saturday is was so hot, he didn't wear the undershirt.)
6. (Sorry for the second Kevin Slowey observation) Kevin Slowey looks cute when he hair is in disarray...I took a picture of my TV cause it was cute (sadly, I don't have the ability to upload the picture here at work today).
7. Glen Perkins has learned his lesson about not wearing the Navy...and I think he realizes the power of the Navy.
8. I'm still not a fan of Liriano, even when he does pitch well.
9. Seeing Joe Nathan strike out Albert Pujols is freaking sweet!
10. Hearing Kahlil Greene say "f*ck" through the TV is priceless...and quite humorous (at least for those of us who couldn't get fined by the FCC for it.)
11. Mark DeRosa was a good pick up for the Cardinals...now Albert Pujols doesn't have to carry the team on his shoulders alone. He's got a buddy.
12. Albert Pujols makes great plays from his butt...it's unfortunate that they were against us.13. ESPN likes every team except the Twins...even when the Twins win.
14. The announcers are good at jinxing the Twins and accomplishments they potentially make. (ie. "Kevin Slowey is bidding for an all-star appearance with this game and is going for his 11th win to make him the first pitcher in the AL to have 11 wins." We know...don't say it though...)
15. I don't like Keppel...even though he pitched well through 4 innings. I think he has the Twins' management staff by the balls. He makes a comment about how he'd love to play in St. Louis, done. He puts a clause in his contract that he'll become a free agent July 1st, if not on the active roster, done. Stop it, already. You're not wining any "likeable" points from me, buddy.

I really think they Twins players forgot their razors at home before they left for the road trip. They are all starting to look a little scruffy, minus Glen Perkins, which is odd since he had a "beard" before they left...maybe he stole all of theirs.

I also think that every photographer gets the same picture of Joe Nathan and Joe Mauer when they win a game. Here are a couple examples of this:See what I mean?? Anyone else recall this same shot? I am beginning to think they put it as a "stock photo" and just pull it out any time Joe Nathan records a save. Predictable, boys.

Also, I am wondering why Sean Henn is still around. I think this photo just summarizes Sean Henn's appearances in games.
It's been a while since I've googled Kevin Slowey (pictures), and I did today trying to find one that showed his fantastic tan line, with no avail. I did however learn that my blog appears numerous times (shocking, I know), but I also found a few mildly entertaining photos for EVERYONE to enjoy!
And in honor of KTIS's Faith and Family night (also our blogger pre-game bash), I found a picture from last year's Faith and Family night.
3 Stars of Friday's Game:
1. Glen Perkins (though he did not get any hits...hehe...he pitched outstanding!)
2. Joe Nathan (what a strike out with Albert Pujols...that's star enough in my books!)
3. Joe Mauer (went 1-2 with 2 walks. brought that average back up!)

3 Stars of Saturday's Scorching Game:
1. Brendan Harris
2. Delmon Young (even though I was miffed that he came in to PH for Slowey, I will give him credit that he got on base when they wanted him to. He did his job of the day.)
3. Albert Pujols (it pains me to give him a top star...but he did score all but 1 of the Cardinals runs...unfortunately they were off of Kevin Slowey.)

3 Stars of Sunday's Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 3-4...very solid day for Kubes!)
2. Joe Crede (he went 2-4 and had a fantastic play in the field, which I'm a bit dismayed didn't make any of ESPN's top lists...Mark DeRosa's play did...of course. If I hadn't liked Crede before his great stop, I would have jumped on that bandwagon after.)
3. and as much as it pains me to do this: Francisco Liriano (I will admit he pitched well. Surprisingly.)

Unflattering/Funny photos for today (sorry, I had to!):

Thursday, June 25, 2009

With That Double Vision

Yikes, what an awful ending to the game. Though I wasn't watching (which I am somewhat thankful for), I feel somewhat responsible. See, I got cocky with my gloating to my friends (the Brewers fans)...and I was also having a really bad day yesterday. Whenever I have a bad day, the Twins can't seem to find a way to win and cheer me up. Nope, they insist on losing.

Possible ways to change this outcome:

1. Have only good days and not be crabby.
2. Hope for a couple of my coworkers to quit their jobs and find new ones.
3. Yell and scream at the Twins and show them some tough love during these times.
4. Take my bad day out on some other team (ie...the Rays, Padres...since I appreciate these two teams.)
5. Hope my bad day affects the Red Sox, Yankees or White Sox.

I'm out of other ideas for how to change this fact. (Yes, I am aware that I am an extremely superstitious fan...I don't care that I am! I also am aware that I might sound crazy. Oh well.)

I guess on the technicality, Blackburn did lose the game for himself. I'm not trying to pass of the blame or say I am mad at him...I'm just saying things happen! We can't do anything about it now...all we can do is going into today's (day) game with our heads held high and beat the snot out of the Brewers with Baker on the mound. I am very proud of Blackburn for pitching his second complete game in a row. Way to make up for the other guys not being able to get that done! It's a good thing for a pitcher to be able to do. Blackburn, we can blame the heat if you want...claim you were having double vision (so you didn't know what Crede was the real Crede).See it's enough to make anyone go mad!!

In other Twins news: The Twins have about half the team scheduled for a player appearance on July 11th. I'm not going to lie...I will be at one of these (if my cousin can't go see Kubel (whom she loves for some odd reason), I will be meeting him...if she does go, it'll hopefully be him AND Joe Nathan we meet. She loves him too.) I'd like to meet Denard...but I don't drive to Hudson...it's not a close drive unless you live in Stillwater or WI.
Here's who you can meet:
Jason Kubel - Maple Grove
Denard Span - Hudson, WI
Joe Nathan - St. Louis Park
Michael Cuddyer & Brendan Harris - Elk River
T.C. - Roseville (I know the most exciting one of them all)
It's amazing how they can cover almost the entire northern suberbs in one day. What a long drive for the players after these appearances. North suberbs mean this: get their early! They won't be staying after their alloted times since there is a game that night. Any questions about the appearances, feel free to ask!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn
(hey, he did pitch a complete game and other than his error that lost the game for them, he was great!)
2. Jason Kubel (13th homer of the season! Yeah, he probably could have thrown the ball better in the 8th when those 2 horrific errors happened, but what you going to do?)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he was the only Twins to get more than 1 hit last night. Good job, Cuddy! Way to carry the team!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Say Goodnight Gracie

Okay, so learning yesterday while watching the game (and at the same time wanting to throw my irritating none-cooperative computer out a window) Ayala wanted to be traded because he didn't like his role in the bullpen was a little unnerving. But what I also found to be somewhat tacky and douche-baggy...was the fact that Gardy made it known to the whole world that Ayala asked to be traded and how he said he didn't like his role. I don't know that Gardy's behavior was exactly "business professional". Sure, he was mad about Ayala and I'm sure the media and fans when Ayala got DFA'd, but still did he really need to get out of the professional manner and behave like a 3 year old who would come back at you with something like "I know you are, but what am I?" It just felt about that childish to me.

Anyway...I guess, good luck Ayala, wherever you may end up. I think maybe you should approach your career with thinking before speaking next time. That way you don't look like a jackass.

It was wonderful last night watching the Twins get the lead early on and maintain the lead. I got to gloat about them throughout most of the game. I frequently referred to Go-Gomez as "Super GoGo!" and it made my friend (who is a huge Brewers fan) mad. It was fun. :) It was fantastic that they were able to capitalize on the extra out they were given in the first inning, allowing Crede to come and bring in 3 runs.

Go-Gomez did have a superb night at the plate! I hope when Denard Span comes back from his Triple-A rehab that he plays, and that Delmon Young sits. I honestly would just rather see Span, Go-Gomez and Cuddy in the outfield. Sure, I know Young can hit too (every now and then) but he can't make as good of plays defensively that those others can. I also read somewhere that Kubel will return to the line up tonight...I'm hoping whoever wrote that meant that Kubel will be available on the bench...not starting. Sure I like his bat, but there are others that play the field so well.

Thank God our bullpen members consisted of seeing Dickey and Matty Guerrier come in to pitch. I feel a sense of relief when it's those guys. I thought for sure that Gardy would opt to use the new dude, but I am VERY thankful he didn't. Hopefully he holds off on that one for a while yet. No need to rush, Gardy!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Carlos Gomez (3 for 5 batting...score a few runs! He had an impressive night at the plate)
2. Joe Crede (2 for 5 and was the one who got the first runs in during the game!)
3. Joe Nathan (Come on...it's Joe Nathan. I love watching him, even if it's not save opportunities.)

Honorable mention: Jose Morales...I love seeing him come in to pinch hit. He usually follows through with a hit! Good job, Jose!

Tonight: Mr. Blackburn takes the mound to crush the Brewers! I will be cheering loudly and gloating lots (if they do well)! I figured with Liriano starting last night, that the Brewers had their shot there...they didn't capitalize...so they are out of options! Go Nick Blackburn!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Woe Is Me...and Ayala

So I am not happy that the Twins announced today that they were designating Ayala for assignment. What does this mean? Well...one of three things...
  • Place the player on waivers (which can only be done within the first 7 days of the 10-day period)
  • Trade the player
  • Release the player
I'm guessing that if he get put on waivers, some other team that is in need of bullpen help will snag him up. Which means that my buddy in the bullpen who entertains me SO much will no longer be there to make me laugh uncontrollably. Nor will there be someone to hide from the camera when I take pictures of the bullpen.

Where is Sean Henn in all of this? Why, he is still with the team on the 40 man roster and still in his Twins major-league uniform. I am not happy about this move. I think Henn sucks way more than Ayala. Sean Henn should go play for Chicago White Sucks...he got into their bleach bottles already...he'll fit right in.

Notes about Bobby Keppel. Katie says her notes from Spring training are as follows: "Keppel: Neither adorable nor good at baseball. Please don't come to MN." That doesn't sound promising.

Way to go Twins front office...ship off a guy who has been around to bring in another fresh guy to screw up our late innings some more! Why not just promote the whole Rochester teams bullpen and demote any of the pitchers we have that have any experience. Who's next?? Matty Guerrier? I sure hope not.

Bill Smith's comment:
"We don't want to give up on [Henn]," Twins General Manager Bill Smith said. "He's lefthanded, and he's got velocity. He's another one who's been inconsistent, but he's got upside. We felt that Keppel was a good fit for us right now, and unfortunately it cost Ayala a spot." (from the Trib)

Other notes from the Star Tribune:
After starting for Class AAA Albuquerque (Marlins) last season, Keppel signed a minor league contract with the Twins with a clause that would have allowed him to become a free agent if he wasn't placed on the major league roster by July 1.

Who Knew It Could Hurt So Much

I feel somewhat bad for Glen Perkins. I know he didn't pitch badly yesterday, but he still did get the loss in the 4-1 game against the Astros. Sure he didn't have a good first inning and the Astros really capitalized on that inning, but the rest of the team couldn't pull through and get much of any kind of hits going. Cuddy did do a magic trick of making the ball disappear into the outfield seats! Unfortunately his home run, and Brian Buscher's one hit couldn't win a game.

It was fun seeing the little munchkins of the Twins players on the TV during pregame show.
They showed Kubel's, Punto's, Cuddyer's, Baker's, Nathan's, Crede's, and Redmond's kids. I have to say that Kubel's little boy is precious as is Nicky's little girl. It was cute when they showed Nicole acting like her daddy and "sliding" into first! I couldn't believe how big Joe Nathan's little girl has gotten...You could definitely tell that Cuddy was elated to be a daddy on Father's day! You also can tell that his kid got more of his genes rather than momma's...he looked a lot like Cuddy (he was a cutie as well!) I think all those little kids were cute. Had I not been so tired, I might have woken up in enough time to go and get day of tickets for the game, but alas, I didn't hear my phone at all! Maybe next year.

They've officially moved Kevin's next start back to next Saturday. I was looking forward to seeing him bat again, especially because they were going to be in Milwaukee (where my former roommate lives). I'm not sure what game my old roomie is going to, but he told he how he's not going to wear his Mauer shirt, or his Twins hat (which he has even though he is a Brewers fan). If it wouldn't have been a mid-week series, I would have been there and MADE him wear his Mauer shirt. Now I'll just have to hope that Joe kicks ass and Nick wishes that he would have been wearing his Mauer shirt.

Today is an off day, which I think they need! A lot of hurting players and illness going around the club. Just remember boys, wash your hands a lot and don't share glasses or anything else with each other! We don't need anymore players getting sick. I'm wishing for speedy recoveries for those who are hurt and hoping those who are sick feel better soon! I kinda think it'd be fun to send a giant "Get Well Soon" card to the team...but then I think it'd look kind of funny with just my signature on it. So I'll just put up a "card" (or rather "cards") on here...hoping someone sees it.

Both of these seemed fitting. Anyway...Get Well Soon boys!

3 Stars of the Game
(which I almost forgot):
1. Glen Perkins
2. Brendan Harris (he had 2 great stops at short stop!)
3. Jeff Keppinger (hey, if anyone else had got hits on the Twins besides Buscher and Cuddyer we might have seen all Twins on the stars list...but nope...not a good day for our bats)

Another note: We are planning a blogger get-together on July 11th! Details are to follow. I'll try to keep everyone updated on here as well. Otherwise Katie from Those Girls should give us more details to come as well.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

YeeHaw, Long Balls, Baby!

Look, I'm part of the team now!
Not bad for sitting in section 232...

I feel you pain, Scott Baker...I really do! I am tired of watching our bullpen lose the games for us. Why is it that none of the relief pitchers (besides Joe Nathan) can have a man on base and then get the outs that are required of them? Why is it that most of them have to give up at least one run?? Shouldn't they be the ones holding the game together and making it so the other team gets NO runs? I think they should be able to do this. Sean Henn isn't doing this...he's not getting the job done in my opinion...and he has just worked his way onto my list. I'm not happy with his performance tonight. It was less than stellar. I can't be too terribly mad at Ayala (because we were already losing when he gave up a run)...I have a soft spot for him. He makes sitting by the bullpen really entertaining and I enjoy making fun of him. He's not terribly inconsistent...he just has bad outings every now and then. I can forgive that. Joe Nathan even has bad outings every once in a while. Hey...don't we all have our bad days??

What a night for home runs though? It was highly amusing when for the first few innings the Twins' only hits were also runs because they were home runs. I liked having home runs though, however. It was fantastic to start the game by Brendan Harris hitting a home run. I think all by Jason Kubel's home run went into left-center field. Those fans were lucky tonight...they got a plethora of balls. (hehe)

I also enjoyed watching Carlos Go-Gomez almost get picked off...but ready the players well to where he dived into second base and was called safe. It was a very close play, but a very good play by Go-Gomez.
Here I was thinking Delmon Young was going to have a superb night like he did last night...hits a home run in his first at bat making me look bad for not liking him...but then he didn't fail me...he got out every other time he was up to bat. Ahh, it's nice to have Delmon back.

I think the funniest thing of the night was when Tolbert came in and then came up to bat. No longer might we get to hear "Zombie" by the Cranberries...nope, tonight instead it was "Regulator" by...yes, Warren G. Not what I would really call a good walk on song, but hey...I guess I can't really say that "Zombie" is the greatest choice either. Oh Matty Tolbert, what will we do with you? HA!

I thought for sure that Crede was going to blow everyone away and get the walk-off win for us again. Unfortunately, his hit was just short of getting out of the park. It was a good attempt, but sadly, they just didn't have it in them tonight to get the job fully done and win the game, thus ending my winning streak as a fan. (And also ending the winning streak my Slowey t-shirt had going too)...Here's hoping my next game is a Win in the books.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brendan Harris (he was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle. His strike out was meant to be the triple...he just didn't hit it. :))
2. Scott Baker (he pitched 6 1/3 innings and did really well. I was sad that he didn't get the win after keeping the Astros to only 3 runs allowed.)
3. Jose Morales (he pinch hit with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and got a solid double!)

Tonight: I did get my Twins cowboy hat...and my button for Mauer and Morneau All-Stars. I love the fact that it says "Speak Softly & Carry Bit Sticks"...it's so dirty! Love it!
Tomorrow afternoon is the family day game...the kids of the players get to play on the field before the game. I won't be there, but if anyone is, please take some pictures!! That's gotta be super cute! Glen Perkins takes the mound again, and he best be wearing the navy to make this girl happy!

Enjoy the two posts in one night!

In The Fifties

So I find it funny when Slowey pitches, there is a tendency for the bullpen pitchers to go in succession of: Guerrier, Mijares and then finishing off with Nathan. Last night was another one of those nights. Starting #59, then #54 to follow, then #50...then finally #36. (Yes, I am aware that Joe Nathan is not a 50, but he's our closer...he can't help that he's not in the 50's club. I'm fine with it.) It just makes me giggle to watch those pitchers always follow Slowey.

Slowey had a decent outing...sure it wasn't his best outing he's had all year, but he escaped fairly unscathed and made it through 6 innings. All in all, I think he pitched very well. I heard that the announcers on FSN were even saying that the performance of his probably guaranteed him to get the starting role for the All-Star Game! That would be so fantastic to watch him pitch his way into the starting job for the All-Star game. That's some high praise! I know he's that good, but the rest of baseball land may not see it just yet. I was very happy that he got #10 win! He's now tied with Roy Halladay for most wins...and now with his next win, he can move ahead of Halladay (who is currently on the DL, thank God!).

I was very surprised to see as many walks given up by Slowey as he did. I know he doesn't like to do that, and he doesn't do it very often. I blame the extra day of rest. He was on a 6 day rest, not his usual 5 day. I'm sure that messes with the pitchers because they get so used to being on a 5 day schedule...an extra day can throw a wrench in. He still did good though. I am proud.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. (This is going to shock everyone coming from me) Delmon Young...(he did go 2-4 and had a GREAT catch towards the end of the game...I was floored.)
2. Kevin Slowey (6 strike outs, 6 innings pitched and only 1 earned run! He did great!)
3. Joe Nathan (4 out wonder!)

Now, I didn't get a bobblehead last night, but then again, I also was not camping out or at the Dome at the ass crack of dawn to get one. I was only there about an hour before game time...and I know there was NO WAY there was 10,000 people inside. I am guessing about 5-6,000 of those people got their bobbleheads and left. Stupid people who pay for tacky souvenirs and then don't even enjoy the game.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bloggers Unite!

Baseball Unplugged with: Michael Cuddyer, Glen Perkins and Scott Baker

Bloggers Unite! Woot!

Wow, what a game for Nick Blackburn yesterday! I feel slightly bad that the only way I "watched" it was looking over the gameday online. It wasn't on TV, and I was home during the game yesterday...and my radio, well that was at work, where I was not. So I had to resort to just eyeing up Gameday every now and then to look over the plays. I was quite impressed to see Blackburn go the whole game only giving up 1 run. It's too bad he couldn't have got a shut out, but a win on your own is still an incredible feat!

Glad Cuddy and Buscher could go deep to score some runs for the Twins. It's about time Brian Buscher gets a hit. He's been slacking some in that department. It would be nice if some day this season all of the Twins players could be hitting over .200. Ahh...a girl can dream.

Nyjer Morgan is a baby about the roof at the Dome. Yes, it's hard to see balls amongst that roof, but if you don't take your eye off the ball, it's easy to keep track of it! He's a professional baseball player. Suck it up!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he pitched his first complete game and didn't allow a chance for the bullpen to take away a win for him!)
2. Brendan Harris (he went 3 for 4 at the plate yesterday...bringing his average up to .291!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (triple and a home run! good job, Cuddy!)

And in honor of Cuddy...a video for everyone of him doing a magic trick. This was my question to Michael Cuddyer at Baseball Unplugged. I asked if he would do a magic trick for us...he did so after the autograph signing! I was ridiculously impressed! Enjoy!! (side note about the trick: I brought the deck of cards, so there is no way the cards could have been marked...nor has Cuddy ever seen these cards.)

So I think the highlight of my day however was going to Baseball Unplugged. I'm a bit sad that Kevin didn't make it for Unplugged (because of the fact that he's pitching today), but I'll get over it. Scott Baker was an excellent replacement for him! I enjoy Scott Baker. I was thrilled to be able to meet some fellow bloggers too at this glorious event! We will arrange a baseball game day soon.

(side note: Thanks to Katie for showing me THIS article in the 'Trib. It made me giggle.)

Some highlights from Unplugged:
*Seeing Glen surprised that a lot of people cheered for the Navy jerseys.
*Cuddy doing a magic trick.
*Meeting fellow bloggers.
*Getting told that I should be hooked up with Kevin Slowey (if anyone can arrange for me to be hooked up (in any form) with Slowey...I wouldn't say no.)
*"Continuous shot" on the sports setting on my camera. You are bound to get a good photo when it takes 30 at a time. :)
*affirming that Twins players are really nice, down to earth guys (and loving them even more because of it.)
*learning what band is going to be at the next KTIS Faith and Family night.
*getting to tell Scott Baker how much I liked hearing his faith story that he shared (at the last Faith and Family night)
*finding out thing I have in common with Scott Baker (he sponsors a child too, though his is through Wolrd Vision and mine is through Compassion International)
*getting pictures of Glen looking rather "special".
*learning the date of the next baseball unplugged (July 9th)
*getting the T-shirt they gave away to women at the Mother's Day game without actually going to that game this year.

Now...some pictures from last night. Enjoy!
Game pictures will come tomorrow. Go Kevin!

Not A Three Sport State...

Okay, I am going to be honest with everyone...Pittsburgh may have gotten trophy's for two sports...but baseball will not be among the sports in which they will take the cake. Sure the Penguins are great (and no, I'm not a Sid the Kid fan)...the Steelers are superb! but come on...has anyone really ever heard of the Pittsburgh Pirates? Who would have guessed they even had a baseball team (*especially after they opted to trade away Jason Bay last year.) Nonetheless, the Twins (being a fantastic team) should be able to beat these guys. We should have a problem scoring runs, and we should not have a problem keeping them from getting runs. Apparently when you are named Francisco Liriano, you have a problem. I'm not going to lie, Franny is on my list. He's never been one to impress me (like so many people out there)...in fact, he usually disappoints me. (i.e. He likes to wear the cut off, he loses in the navy jerseys, he likes to give up runs, he's not very nice when you meet him.) All of these things make me not like him.

I'm not too terribly sad that I didn't in fact watch the game last night. Instead I watched 'Up' with a couple of my friends (which by the way is a phenomenal movie and I recommend going to see it. It's quite a tear-jearker in parts too!). When I occasionally would check the score I was floored that the Twins were losing to the Pirates 4-2...and then when I saw the 8-2 win for the Pirates, I was disappointed to say the least.
3 Stars (I use this term some what loosely after the loss) of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (hey, he drove in our only runs of the game)
2. Michael Cuddyer (he went 2-2 with 2 walks...sure he got picked off, but hey...he still had a good night at the plate)
3. (hmm...who to pick) Joe Mauer...(sure he only went 1 for 4, but he also had a walk in there...)

It's not like any of the Pirates had exceptional nights at the plate either...it was just those nasty long balls that haunted our pitching staff once again to destroy the chances of wining the game last night.

Today: Nick Blackburn going for the win against the Pirates to take the series win. Boys, just put last night's game behind you and focus on kicking ass and taking names! Friday and Saturday I'll be at the games! Pictures won't probably be as good as they have been in the past, only cause I'm sitting in seats that are free tickets (Thanks M.I.S.F and the Twins!)...but I like free tickets and I like being at the game, so I'll take it!

Tonight: Baseball Unplugged with a slight change in attendees. Kevin Slowey will not be there tonight (I wish I knew why they changed this, but I don't)...instead come see Glen Perkins, Michael Cuddyer, and Scott Baker! If I get picked to ask a question, I'll post it up here...if not, I'm saving it for another time when I go to Unplugged (it's a question for Cuddy). I'll be sure to take pictures too! Toodles!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Psychic Is IN

Okay, I am beginning to freak myself out. I am either, really in tune with Gardy, psychic, or just see things in the players that are blatantly obvious. Or maybe (very slim chance) Gardy reads my blog. I'm guessing I'd be psychic over Gardy reading my blog, but hey, stranger things have happened! So the latest victim of my shit list to be demoted...Jesse Crain. I am now 3 for 3 with the guys who haven't managed to keep themselves off the list for more than one outing. I had hope for Jesse, but he obviously failed me, thus getting shipped off to Rochester. Maybe I should see if I could make money off of my newly discovered talent.

Congratulation to Joe Mauer for kicking ass last night and also for having the highest batting average amongst those players who have played at least 30 games this season...Jason Bartlett trails closely behind him (amongst 30+ game players) in second at .376. Congrats to Jason for being a bad ass this year. I am very proud! I think the Twins have potential to get more talk going about them with Joe because of the great season he is having...though some of the talk may only be about him, I'll take it anyway!
Last night 5 of our 9 hitters went 2 for 4 or higher. That's a great stat! I think the announcers said that as a team they had a combine batting average of around .500 during the game last night. The Twins played a great game last night, and I'm happy Glen could get his second win of the season and his win his first game back of the DL.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer (he went 4-4. Yes, he had an error late in the game, but it didn't turn out to be costly. Hey, no one is perfect...but his bat was!)
2. Glen Perkins (he pitched good...had a high pitch count for only 6 innings, but only had 2 earned runs.)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he had an almost home run in his first at bat after resting a swollen finger for a few days and being out of the line up...turned out to be a double. He went 2-4 and had an RBI.)

In other baseball news: Sammy Sosa is the latest in baseball to be brought up in the steroids ordeal. I am getting tired of hearing about all the different players who have used steroids. Maybe they should issue a list of players that have NOT used steroids...it's starting to seem like it might be a smaller list. Then they could just get everything out in the open instead of continuing everything and always making baseball headlines about steroids use. Joe Nathan feels the same way too. Check out THIS article on Twin Cities.com.

In non-baseball related news: For those of you who enjoy Twilight (whether the book or the movie) you should check out True Blood (well those who are old enough to handle nudity). It's a really great show! I am completely addicted to it after having free HBO for the weekend. I figured I'd check out the show (cause I had wanted to for a while...) and boy did I get hooked quickly! The lead vampire...wow...he's smoking hot! Wowza!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You ARE the Weakest Link...Goodbye!

Do you think Carlos Go-Gomez was shooting up a "Hallelujah" when he FINALLY hit his first home run of the season? I will admit I squealed a bit when I saw that he got his home run he's been waiting for. I loved reading the quotes in the paper too from Go-Gomez. "I got a good pitch to hit and I don't miss,'' said Gomez. (on his home run)..."I be a little bit scared,'' Gomez said of hitting the wall. "That's kind of [how] I miss the ball.'' I love Go-Gomez quotes...they entertain me. By no means am I making fun of his broken English...no no...I just find it cute how hard he tries to use proper English, but then biffs it completely.
I was very impressed yesterday with Scott (Timmy) Baker's outing. He pitched a fine performance and once again made me happy by wearing the Navy. Can anyone else tell that Timmy is SUPER superstitious, other than me? He has to be...it just makes sense. Hmm...I shall ask him this if ever again I get to talk to him. I'm just hoping Crap Crain didn't screw things up for the navy jerseys (at least with Timmy's next outing).
I got a voicemail yesterday from my cousin...she said, "Yeah, I didn't get to watch any of the Twins game, but I heard Scott Baker did really well. It's too bad the Twins had to screw it up and lose." (italics added) I immediately responded to my voicemail (I spoke to the message, not my cousin)..."No no, it wasn't 'The Twins' that screwed things up...it was Jesse Crain...AGAIN!" Jesse Crain is becoming out weakest link. When are the Twins going to follow the Brittish lady and say "Goodbye"?? I hope it's soon. Find someone else to snag off waivers and bring them in...or just help Pat Neshek to be miracialously healed and come back before NEXT year.Instead of the "Pitch in for Pat" campaign (that he did for the all-star game a couple years ago)...I'm going to start the "Bring Pat Back NOW" campaign. Maybe if we get enough signatures, he'll make a surprising turn around and be ready tomorrow. One can hope.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Scott Baker (outstanding performance)
2. Carlos Go-Gomez (he got a double and his first home run!)
3. Joe Mauer (he continued to get booed in Chicago and went 3-5)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hop on The Slow Ride...

Maybe Kevin Slowey's new last name should be Outman rather than the dude on Oakland. He's was a strike out machine! I was very impressed and it was great for Kevin to get the win and allow me to gloat to my buddy in IL who LOVES the Cubbies. It was a great!Milton Bradley, base running bloop, lost a ball in the sun, dove for a ball and it went under him...and then...must have thought there was 2 outs...so he caught a fly ball....posed and then...threw it into the fans. Only...there was only 1 out. Go Milton Bradley. I wonder if he decided to play for the Twins half way through the game. Nonetheless, it provided good entertainment for me. Milton also made ESPN's "Not So Top 10 Plays"...with two of his baseball playing blunders. It was awesome...it made me laugh. I couldn't believe that he didn't count the number of outs...especially when they usually show the bull horns after 2 outs, Milton!
Friday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Kevin Slowey
2. Joe Mauer
3. Brendan Harris

So I meant to post this yesterday, and not Sunday...late at night. So now, I'm combining Friday and Saturday's games...and will post stuff about today's game tomorrow (since it's an off day).

Saturday...I was highly impressed by Swarzak's performance. I would have never been able to guess that he was going to let me watch the game and also still get the win. Since I've been back Swarzak hasn't won a game. He has sucked it up, and I was really wondering if what they were saying about him being a good pitcher and having good outings were a figment of everyone's imagination, or if he actually was a good pitcher. Finally Saturday proved to me that he can be great!
It was also nice to see that the boys could get 2 road wins in a row. I was amazed and super happy because it gave me gloading points again. It was fun to write "Let's Go Mauer" on his wall on facebook. Unfortunate for me...he likes Mauer because he's got him on his fantasy team. Damn...oh well! The boys still won and the cubs still didn't! Happy day in Twins Territory. Even just watching the games from home on my TV, it felt like the Twins were at home rather than on the road. There were more cheers for Joe Mauer and the Twins scoring runs and doing well than there were for the real home team. How great must that have been for the players?!

So, I was a bit upset toward the end of the game. Joe Nathan was in pitching in the 9th...and the one pitch he made (which should have been a strike to produce an out) got called a ball and got not just 1, but then another guy on...when there were runners at 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs...and Joe Nathan aparently not knowing what strikes were, I was very worried. Finally and THANK GOD, Joe Nathan got the final out of the 9th. Joe did tell the announcers after the game that the ump came up to him and admited that he missed the call on the one he ruled a ball. It should have actually been a strike.

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer
2. Anthony Swarzak
3. Joe Nathan

Another One Bites the Dust

So Nick Blackburn apparently said after the game yesterday "I felt like I was walking on glass and it was just a matter of time before the A's batters caught up with me." I didn't think it seemed as if he pitched poorly yesterday....granted I was just listening to it on the radio, but still. They tell it how it is.

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Crede (3 run home run)
2. Justin Morneau (2-4)
3. Nick Blackburn (8 scoreless innings)

I thought for sure the Twins had 3 out of 4 games going for them against Oakland...and then in the 9th inning our bullpen came through for the other team again and allowed us to win in the 9th. I hate losing in the 9th. It's so defeating and so irritating because of the fact that we did SO well the rest of the game only to cough it up at the very last moment.
Boys, let's not do this again.

I was very happy when they sent Casilla to AAA instead of Tolbert when they activated Nicky. I think the Twins are better off keeping Tolbert over Casilla. I like Tolbert better for more reasons than him being better looking than Casilla. He can play 2nd, 3rd or shortstop for us...Casilla only plays 2nd base. Now with Nicky, Tolbert and Brendan in our line up...we have three guys that can play three different positions. Plus Crede at 3rd, and Brian Buscher being able to play 3rd or 1st. I think we have good options for our infield...hell Nicky and Tolbert have both played outfield as well! Who knows...maybe they'll be like Cuddy and try their hand out at center field if Span is out too much longer! I'd be entertained!

Today: Kevin Slowey is facing the Cubs! I love interleague play...it means pitchers hit! I enjoy watching them hit...it's always entertaining...though I will miss not seeing Glen Perkins hit. He's the most entertaining of them all.

Go Twins!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walk-offs Hot Streak

Well that'll teach me to fall asleep on my couch and then again in bed while watching the Twins. The first time I fell asleep, I woke up and the Twins were still down 3-2, so I got up, and went to bed with the TV still on. Figured I could fall asleep in bed while watching the game...I then woke up to Crede running to third base...well I heard it anyway and thought it was funny since Crede doesn't run fast...ever. Then the next thing I remember was the announcers saying how the Twins took the lead. I was a bit confused because I knew they were trailing the last I had heard. I missed Kubel's walk-off home run, thus continuing his "hot" streak. Kubel even hit his home run off the guy from my home town.

Can I just say how happy I am that after today we are headed away from the West coast? I am tired of having to stay up super late to catch the game and then feeling like I haven't slept all week because of how late the games go at night. Thankfully, today is a day game (though I could stay up as late as I want tonight since I don't work tomorrow), and tomorrow we are in Chicago. I wish I could be there tomorrow afternoon. Instead I'll be sitting on my couch enjoying Kevin pitching and hiting (boy, my mind is really in the gutter right now and that statement just sounded really bad!!)

Wednesday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (come on, he got a walk off home run to tie the game at 3!)
2. Mike Redmond (he went 2-3, which is good for him and got walked once. He never actually does good when I'm watching him...go figure.)
3. Matt Tolbert (he's pleading his case to stay here (as am I!). He went 1-2 with 2 walks...plus he helped turn a double play (which I did see!))

Oh please Twins front office...when bringing Nicky Punto off the DL after today's game...please please send Alexi Casilla down and not Matt Tolbert. Tolbert is WAY better and plus WAY cuter!!!

More after the game today. Go Nick Blackburn!! Let's keep that wining streak going! Make it 3 (then 4 after tomorrow's game)! Bring to road wins up so we are not at the bottom anymore. That'd be nice.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baseball Unplugged...

I will be there. Anyone want to meet up at the event, let me know.

Appearing for your viewing pleasure and entertainment:
Michael Cuddyer, Glen Perkins (who I am totally gonna give crap for lying about wearing the Navy), and...KEVIN Slowey.

Maple Grove, Champps.

I would love to meet up with fellow readers/bloggers if interested! We can all be crazy together.

Here He Comes To Save The Day!

(I had to fight the urge to put a cape, and the full superman get-up on Joe Nathan...figured the shirt was enough.)

Let me start off by saying, THANK GOD FOR JOE NATHAN! He was the only pitcher (who pitched in the 9th) that could throw strikes to save their life! I was very optimistic for Jesse Crain...he did have his socks "Nesheked" again. I was hopeful for Mijares, especially after he got Jason Giambi out...but could either of them get it done and save Minnesota more embarrassment? Nope. They had to call on Super Joe to save the day. I think it's quite sad when your closer gets a save opportunity when you are leading going into the inning 10-0.

Now, I don't blame the bullpen or Scott Baker entirely for the disastrous 9th inning. I honestly think Timmy (Scott Baker) was getting tired, which is why he wasn't throwing as well as he had the rest of the game, but also Casilla screwing up on the one play didn't help him either. I think Casilla should have had TWO errors last night, not just the one he was charged with. He looked horrible in the 9th inning. It's kind of sad how much his fielding could have cost us the game. Again, we were up 10-0 at the start of the BOTTOM of the 9th...and we won 10-5. Props to the A's (though I'm not happy about that) for being troopers and using Casilla's screw ups to rally 5 runs...in one inning. 12 batters for Oakland batted in the 9th.

I am VERY happy the Twins won a game. Now they just need to get a "road streak" going. Win multiple games in a row on the road. It might give them some positive mojo to kick them in the pants and continue this trend, rather than the one they've been on (losing a lot on the road).

I have a theory. I think Timmy (Scott Baker) is very superstitious. The last game he pitched, he pitched well...AND he chose to wear the Navy jerseys. Last night, Navy again...and another big win for him! Coincidence? Nope. I think not. I think that the Navy jerseys have a greater power than any of us can imagine and it helps all (but Liriano because I don't like him) do better and pitch better so the starters can win games. SEE, GLEN PERKINS...I WASN'T LYING!! It made me last night start singing my own version of Nelly's song "It Must Be the Money"...I changed it to "Hey, it must be the NAVY!" I know...I'm a nerd.I can't say that I will endure the lack of sleep for a third night in a row just to watch Liriano. I know...some could say I'm not a true fan (which is not accurate...I am very diehard!), but when they Twins are forced to play in the East Coast at 9:05 for 3 nights in a row...the game doesn't get over with until around midnight, and my alarm is persistent at 6:30 in the morning. I like my sleep, thank you! Especially when I'm sitting at a desk all day, entering in boring things onto a computer. I don't think my boss would like it if I fell asleep at my desk (though I wouldn't mind nap time!) Who knows...maybe I'll surprise even myself and push through. After all, Friday, I can sleep in and then get up in time to watch Kevin pitch AND hit against the Cubbies on FSN. YAY for televised day games when Kevin pitches AND I am home to watch! Wooot!

Okay, moving onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Nathan (Duh! He was super Joe last night!! He listened when I told him no more than 2 batters (I didn't want any more runs given up when Mijares walked in 2 of them)
2. Scott Baker (he pitched outstanding. Yes, he couldn't close the deal and make it a complete game, but I understand. Bert should be a little forgiving of Timmy as well.)
3. (tie) Justin Morneau/Brendan Harris (it's hard to pick just one of these two guys. Sure Justin had more RBI's than Brendan, but Brendan got on base just as much as Justin did (with 1 less at bat than Justin). Maybe Gardy should have Brendan in the #2 spot of the order instead of Tolbert? He does like to get on base, and his average is better. Just a thought.