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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bloggers Unite!

Baseball Unplugged with: Michael Cuddyer, Glen Perkins and Scott Baker

Bloggers Unite! Woot!

Wow, what a game for Nick Blackburn yesterday! I feel slightly bad that the only way I "watched" it was looking over the gameday online. It wasn't on TV, and I was home during the game yesterday...and my radio, well that was at work, where I was not. So I had to resort to just eyeing up Gameday every now and then to look over the plays. I was quite impressed to see Blackburn go the whole game only giving up 1 run. It's too bad he couldn't have got a shut out, but a win on your own is still an incredible feat!

Glad Cuddy and Buscher could go deep to score some runs for the Twins. It's about time Brian Buscher gets a hit. He's been slacking some in that department. It would be nice if some day this season all of the Twins players could be hitting over .200. Ahh...a girl can dream.

Nyjer Morgan is a baby about the roof at the Dome. Yes, it's hard to see balls amongst that roof, but if you don't take your eye off the ball, it's easy to keep track of it! He's a professional baseball player. Suck it up!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he pitched his first complete game and didn't allow a chance for the bullpen to take away a win for him!)
2. Brendan Harris (he went 3 for 4 at the plate yesterday...bringing his average up to .291!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (triple and a home run! good job, Cuddy!)

And in honor of Cuddy...a video for everyone of him doing a magic trick. This was my question to Michael Cuddyer at Baseball Unplugged. I asked if he would do a magic trick for us...he did so after the autograph signing! I was ridiculously impressed! Enjoy!! (side note about the trick: I brought the deck of cards, so there is no way the cards could have been marked...nor has Cuddy ever seen these cards.)

So I think the highlight of my day however was going to Baseball Unplugged. I'm a bit sad that Kevin didn't make it for Unplugged (because of the fact that he's pitching today), but I'll get over it. Scott Baker was an excellent replacement for him! I enjoy Scott Baker. I was thrilled to be able to meet some fellow bloggers too at this glorious event! We will arrange a baseball game day soon.

(side note: Thanks to Katie for showing me THIS article in the 'Trib. It made me giggle.)

Some highlights from Unplugged:
*Seeing Glen surprised that a lot of people cheered for the Navy jerseys.
*Cuddy doing a magic trick.
*Meeting fellow bloggers.
*Getting told that I should be hooked up with Kevin Slowey (if anyone can arrange for me to be hooked up (in any form) with Slowey...I wouldn't say no.)
*"Continuous shot" on the sports setting on my camera. You are bound to get a good photo when it takes 30 at a time. :)
*affirming that Twins players are really nice, down to earth guys (and loving them even more because of it.)
*learning what band is going to be at the next KTIS Faith and Family night.
*getting to tell Scott Baker how much I liked hearing his faith story that he shared (at the last Faith and Family night)
*finding out thing I have in common with Scott Baker (he sponsors a child too, though his is through Wolrd Vision and mine is through Compassion International)
*getting pictures of Glen looking rather "special".
*learning the date of the next baseball unplugged (July 9th)
*getting the T-shirt they gave away to women at the Mother's Day game without actually going to that game this year.

Now...some pictures from last night. Enjoy!
Game pictures will come tomorrow. Go Kevin!


Katie said...

Your pictures turned out amazing! Much better then mine did, lol.

Betsy said...

there's more on facebook too...they just take a while to upload on here...and on facebook you can click through them like a flip book and try to decipher (using your amazing talents of lip reading) what scott baker, cuddy and glen are saying! hehe

Katie said...

I saved a few from here...once my boss leaves I'll have to check out Facebook!

Betsy said...

nice! i found out the faith and family night is the 11th of july...i think i might have to get tickets to go!

Katie said...

Of course it has to be the day before I already have tickets! I'd love to go, but there's no way I could talk my boyfriend or parents into going to that many games in a row.

Betsy said...

who needs them! you could go to the game with me!

Betsy said...

heck, we could even cheap seat it that night...

Katie said...

That would be a game against the Sox too. That would be awesome!

Betsy said...

(code: KTIS)
I'm getting cheap seats then and am going to get them this afternoon!

Katie said...

Do you want me to order them so we have the same seats or how do we want to do this?

Betsy said...

psst...if it's cheap seats...it's general admission. :) we can sit by each other any way!
(i think right field area is the best in cheap seats)

Katie said...

lol okay. I haven't done cheap seats before so that's all new to me! I'll order mine right now and just have it sent to me!

Betsy said...

i figure that'll be the easiest! that way if anyone else wants to go too, they can.

Katie said...

Very true! I'm so used to ground level that you have to get them all at one time.

S.Rail said...

They are all so happy when they are in public! Hope you had a great time there. I hope they continue it in the future so I may check it out! ;)

Go Kevin with his Blue Jerseys. I love those ones!