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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bonjour Blogworld...I'm Back!

It's been a while, I know. I really do have a good excuse. I was out of the country. Thanks to my dear friend Erin for covering in taking a picture of Kevin Slowey, even though I couldn't see the game and could only assume that he got the win last week. To my relief, he did in fact get the win.

Now, I know, you all have been waiting to see the new beautiful pictures of me with Kevin. Wait no longer. Our children will be beautiful. (Or at least I can wish...)My funny story that day was T.C. I have never been one of those who has wanted her picture taken with T.C. He's a man (assuming anyway) in a giant bear suit...come on. I'm not 6. Well, my friend Liz wanted her picture taken with him (she just graduated high school...she's a lot younger than me, so it's different)...so I asked T.C. when he came strolling by us. After I took their picture together, I started to turn of my camera and talk once again with my friends. T.C. tapped me on the shoulder and (with just motions) questioned if I was going to take a picture with him...so I responded "Guess I'm getting my picture taken with T.C. too" and took my purse off my arm, turned the camera back on. In the time it took me to do this, T.C. stomped his foot and told me to stand next to him (again with just motions, no actual words)...so I responded "I'm coming, I'm coming!" It made me laugh. I wonder if the dude in the suit thought I was cute or something. Here's hoping it wasn't a girl, cause I don't swing that way (no offense if anyone does).T.C. also nicely passed out cookies to all the fans standing in line. He got mad at me again when I passed on a cookie (it was too early and I had a doughnut waiting for me...just had to let the coffee settle.)Onto Sunday's game. I was happy that Mr. Nick Blackburn proved once again to be one of the two consistent pitchers that we have (the other being Slowey). He looked great out there, and it was nice to have someone who could finally help us get a win on the road. Thankfully, Washington Nationals still have a worse record than us with a 6-20 road record. We're only 6-16. Going into that game, we were however the leagues worst record. I don't like being "worst" at anything. I'd rather be ranked the best!

Sunday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (pitched very well. I was proud!)
2. Brendan Harris (homered to give us the lead at the start...)
3. Mike Redmond (Way to go Red Dog! You had the most hits on the team)

Side notes: The bullpen looked and pitched great Sunday! It's nice to see a game where our bullpen comes in with more than 1-2 guys and doesn't blow it...giving Nick Blackburn another no decision. It's nice when he can get wins too. It makes him look better.

Tonight: I'm going to the game again! Woot! Kevin pictures will follow, as well as others. Right now I'm on a winning streak. 3-0 in my last 3 games! (I did notice the trend of wearing my Slowey shirt...that t-shirt has the record...any other t-shirt...no wins. Coincidence? I don't think so.) I'm going for an 4-0 streak in my last 4 games tonight. Kevin, make me proud!

More tomorrow...(jet lag and getting back into the swing of normal life has got me off a bit. I promise I'll get the blog back on it's original schedule and fun again soon!)


Kristina said...

I'm with you on T.C. - something about a dude in a giant bear costume (or any mascot costume) is mildly creepy. I can appreciate his existence, but I don't really want to have my picture taken with him...

For The Love... said...

yes, it definitely is kinda creepy! i never have had a desire to have that picture taken...still am slightly weirded out by having one now with him...lol