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Friday, June 5, 2009

'Cause You're Hot and You're Cold

Well, Jason Kubel needs to listen to Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold"...except right now, he's the opposite way around...cold then hot. I don't mind at all when he's hot, which is like most relationships...those are the good times! But could the cold moments not be so...uh bone chilling? I was very impressed to turn on the game (after forgetting it was past noon...turning the game on at 1pm) and find out that Kubel had gotten two 3-run home runs and the Twins were winning 7-0. I also had forgotten who was pitching for us (or just didn't think about it)...I was very happy that Mr. Baker was doing so well! (Considering his last few outings) No home runs given up by him either! He should be quite proud.
In yesterday's line up, we had 4 guys (the first 4 batters) all batting over .300...and a few others trailing pretty close. If Crede, Redmond, and Harris all get a few more hits each time they are up, I'm sure they can obtain that .300 mark too not just be around .250. They are close! Keep going at it, boys!
It was great hearing 4 home runs be busted out of our line up yesterday. Kubel, the superstar with 2, Justin with 1 and then Span with 1. I think they like the camaraderie of multiple players hitting home runs in a game...not just one guy doing the work. Again, I don't mind this either.
Does it look like Brendan Harris is checking out Kubel's ass to everyone else too? Yikes...uhh...
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (this should be obvious to everyone as to why he gets the number 1 star...if it's not...get out from under your rock.)
2. Justin Morneau (he went 3 for 3 with a home run.)
3. Joe Mauer (he went 3-4 and was one of the hit producers of the game.)

Honorable mention: Scott Baker (one of his best outings of the season. Sure it came of the last place (in our division) team, but that's okay. You gotta start somewhere!)

I have a piece of advice for the players who went 0-(# of times they were up) or 1-(# of times they were up)...starting seeing the ball and start hitting it. Now, I don't need everyone to hit it out of the park...little hits, blooper hits, good bunts all add up. Heck, even getting walked helps...walks do haunt when our team gets walked. Let's make every at-bat count! You boys can do it, I know it!

Tonight: Late game against Seattle...late games this weekend too (in comparision to their usual 1pm/Noon times...3:05pm starts both Saturday and Sunday.)

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