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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fly Away Little Birdies

(photo of Jason LaRue's creeper 'stash)

So this weekend got the best of me and I just couldn't find the motivation to sit down at my computer and write on my blog. I do apologize for anyone who was looking forward to reading my rambling thoughts over the weekend. I am a slacker. That being said, I am writing about all three games vs. the Cardinals in this lonely blog. Take it or leave it. (Yes, I am aware that I never blogged about Thursday's game...so I'll at least list the 3 stars of that game: 1. Scott Baker; 2. Matt Tolbert; 3. Brendan Harris)

15 Things I noticed while the Twins played the Cardinals:
1. It's a requirement to have a creeper 'stash when you play for the Cardinals. (Fu man chu style 'stash...it was rather gross if you didn't see it. Or in Ryan Franklin's case...a creeper goatee.)2. I like the plain white jersey that the Cardinals wear (why do some teams have plain white, and others have pin stripes?)
3. I like Albert Pujols when he is NOT facing us (especially Kevin Slowey)
4. It was hot in St. Louis...and I wasn't even there, but I felt their pain.
5. Kevin Slowey has a funny tan line on his chest (he normally wears an undershirt under his jersey, but Saturday is was so hot, he didn't wear the undershirt.)
6. (Sorry for the second Kevin Slowey observation) Kevin Slowey looks cute when he hair is in disarray...I took a picture of my TV cause it was cute (sadly, I don't have the ability to upload the picture here at work today).
7. Glen Perkins has learned his lesson about not wearing the Navy...and I think he realizes the power of the Navy.
8. I'm still not a fan of Liriano, even when he does pitch well.
9. Seeing Joe Nathan strike out Albert Pujols is freaking sweet!
10. Hearing Kahlil Greene say "f*ck" through the TV is priceless...and quite humorous (at least for those of us who couldn't get fined by the FCC for it.)
11. Mark DeRosa was a good pick up for the Cardinals...now Albert Pujols doesn't have to carry the team on his shoulders alone. He's got a buddy.
12. Albert Pujols makes great plays from his butt...it's unfortunate that they were against us.13. ESPN likes every team except the Twins...even when the Twins win.
14. The announcers are good at jinxing the Twins and accomplishments they potentially make. (ie. "Kevin Slowey is bidding for an all-star appearance with this game and is going for his 11th win to make him the first pitcher in the AL to have 11 wins." We know...don't say it though...)
15. I don't like Keppel...even though he pitched well through 4 innings. I think he has the Twins' management staff by the balls. He makes a comment about how he'd love to play in St. Louis, done. He puts a clause in his contract that he'll become a free agent July 1st, if not on the active roster, done. Stop it, already. You're not wining any "likeable" points from me, buddy.

I really think they Twins players forgot their razors at home before they left for the road trip. They are all starting to look a little scruffy, minus Glen Perkins, which is odd since he had a "beard" before they left...maybe he stole all of theirs.

I also think that every photographer gets the same picture of Joe Nathan and Joe Mauer when they win a game. Here are a couple examples of this:See what I mean?? Anyone else recall this same shot? I am beginning to think they put it as a "stock photo" and just pull it out any time Joe Nathan records a save. Predictable, boys.

Also, I am wondering why Sean Henn is still around. I think this photo just summarizes Sean Henn's appearances in games.
It's been a while since I've googled Kevin Slowey (pictures), and I did today trying to find one that showed his fantastic tan line, with no avail. I did however learn that my blog appears numerous times (shocking, I know), but I also found a few mildly entertaining photos for EVERYONE to enjoy!
And in honor of KTIS's Faith and Family night (also our blogger pre-game bash), I found a picture from last year's Faith and Family night.
3 Stars of Friday's Game:
1. Glen Perkins (though he did not get any hits...hehe...he pitched outstanding!)
2. Joe Nathan (what a strike out with Albert Pujols...that's star enough in my books!)
3. Joe Mauer (went 1-2 with 2 walks. brought that average back up!)

3 Stars of Saturday's Scorching Game:
1. Brendan Harris
2. Delmon Young (even though I was miffed that he came in to PH for Slowey, I will give him credit that he got on base when they wanted him to. He did his job of the day.)
3. Albert Pujols (it pains me to give him a top star...but he did score all but 1 of the Cardinals runs...unfortunately they were off of Kevin Slowey.)

3 Stars of Sunday's Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 3-4...very solid day for Kubes!)
2. Joe Crede (he went 2-4 and had a fantastic play in the field, which I'm a bit dismayed didn't make any of ESPN's top lists...Mark DeRosa's play did...of course. If I hadn't liked Crede before his great stop, I would have jumped on that bandwagon after.)
3. and as much as it pains me to do this: Francisco Liriano (I will admit he pitched well. Surprisingly.)

Unflattering/Funny photos for today (sorry, I had to!):


Katie said...

I'm with you on Liriano and Keppel. I want them both to do good, because I like it when we win. But it doesn't make me like them any more.

Katie said...

That picture of Kevin... oh my...I couldn't help but laugh at that one.

I can't help but think with that picture of Henn, if he knows he's now the most hated pitcher on the relief staff.

Betsy said...

Katie (2): He's gotta know he's the most hated pitcher on the team...if he doesn't, he's an idiot!

Katie (1): I don't know that my opinion on either one of those guys (or Delmon Young for that matter) will change. I think the only person my opinion has drastically changed on is Crede...but I wanted to like him, he just had to prove himself first. I think that's the difference.

Heidi said...

I was in St. Louis this weekend, and can personally attest to the hotness and grossness of the weather. I loved the huge amount of Twins fans that either live in the Lou or made the trip down. Went to the game Friday, and it was awesome. I have pics on my blog/facebook. I've decided that I can't ever be a professional sports photographer because I get too distracted by all the hottness of players/and the events of the game. The most precious moment to me that I wish I had photographed was the look on Glen's face after he struck out.
And yeah, Liriano, hasn't made me love him. Joey high socks, however! Heck yes!

Betsy said...

Heidi - it did sound like there were quite a few Twins fans! Gotta love it when those cheers out do the cheers of the hometown team.
Glen's face was entertaining! He may have been surprised that he didn't get a hit...but I'm not! Our pitchers aren't good hitters...sadly.

S.Rail said...

I LOVE Pujols when he doesn't face us too! Why does he have to be so good when facing the Twins? :(

You noticed too! I KNEW something was different about Kevin Slowey on Saturday, and alas, he wasn't wearing an undershirt! (I think he should keep the undershirt on, it's better luck for him) ;)

Heidi said...

And yes, bad facial hair is rampant on the Cardinals team. However, Skip Schumaker can definitley pull off the scruff. But Franklin, Ankiel, and LaRue are all creepy.

Betsy said...

S. Rail - glad I could help you figure out what was different! he did look strange without that shirt underneath...still cute however.

heidi - i think we should tie those boys down that have the bad facial hair and shave it off! if any of the Twins do that, i will cry...and then try to beat them down!

Tricia said...

That picture of Sean Henn hanging his head *almost* makes me feel sorry for him. I hate to see anybody that sad.

Betsy said...

Tricia - maybe he's starting to see what we all see...

Kristina said...

Hahaha Mauer's face....

But seriously though, why is everyone so unwilling to give the Twins ANY credit?? We're in 2nd place and ESPN is all "Oh well, I guess maybe they're not the worst team ever in the history of baseball..." ya think?

Betsy said...

ESPN sucks and plays favorites to the Yankees, Red Sox, etc...and loves people like Manny, A. Rod, Jeter, etc. Why would they like, sweet non-steroid using poor little guys from the Twins?
There are days when I hope to see a fantastic play on their top 10 that was a Twins player making it, and rarely do they ever make those...usually it's only web gems and that sometimes is pushing it.