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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hangover Road Woes

So I went to see the movie The Hangover last night (if you haven't seen it, you will laugh almost the entire time. Never a dull moment.) and I was thinking this morning of how it feels like I have a hangover with the Twins. It's not a good feeling. I'm beginning to wonder if these road woes of ours will ever end. Yes, I know they won Friday's game, and I was quite happy (and surprised Liriano didn't get another loss...but he didn't get the win either), but then Saturday hit, and we lost because of the bullpen...by a minimal amount, and then Sunday (which I am wondering if I jinxed Blackburn and Slowey by saying they were our 2 consistent starters and the two reliable guys.) add another loss. I just wish they could win more than one in a row on the road. It doesn't motivate me to write about the games much at all.
Now, I didn't see the whole game on Friday night. I was out, but they did have the game on the tv's where I was, so I caught bits and pieces. What a pitchers duel for a long time though. We just couldn't seem to put anything together to get multiple runs. Don't get me wrong, we didn't play poorly...they just didn't play as well as I know they can. I did get to see Joe Nathan in all of his beautiful glory. He listened too when I told him to only face 3 guys and get them all out. (Usually there is at least one runner because he knows how much I like watching him.)
Friday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brendan Harris (2-5...hey, he was one of the two guys that got 2 hits!)
2. Justin Morneau (he did get the winning run in!)
3. Joe Nathan

Honorable mention: Liriano. I couldn't give him a star, sorry. He can have the honorable mention though. If he would have gotten the win, he may have gotten a star.

**Additional note about Friday. Jesse Crain had "Nesheked" his socks (they were hiked up to his knees) and he pitched well! Great in fact. I think maybe he should try wearing his socks like that every game and see how he does. Maybe that's what he needs to do well.

Saturday, I was looking forward to seeing Nick Blackburn, because the Twins usually win those games too...well, the ones the bullpen doesn't screw up. Well, the bullpen didn't fail me...they screwed up. Not horribly (like usual) but enough to let us lose to the Marineros.
Nick Blackburn was good on the mound once again, but when the ball was handed over to Sean Henn with it tied at 1, Henn gave up the tie and let Seattle win. I was slightly disappointed.

I don't have much to say about that game, because honestly it was disapointing and only made me want to drink.

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:?
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Joe Crede
3. Alexi Casilla (I know, it's hard for me to believe too that I am giving him a star.)

Now Sunday...boy do I really want to drink after Kevin got knocked around for 3 home runs off of him. I know everyone is going to have their bad days every once in a while, but why does Kev have to have any bad days?? Why can't the Twins be super and just get as many home runs as Kevin gives up so that they still have a chance to win the game? That would be super nice of them. Plus, that would have made them win the series in Seattle instead of lose it.
As far as Kevin's pitch strike to ball ratio, it doesn't look like he was that terrible. He threw 95 pitches and 60 of them were strikes, which means 35 were balls. Almost twice as many strikes, so that still means he's in control, but those couple balls he left up were sent out of the park. I'm sure Kev feels just annoyed by that too, as I do, but I guess you can't win them all. I think Kevin will recover and show us that he is fantastic AND worthy of being our next all star. (They mentioned this on FSN a couple nights ago, which made me super happy! I'd love to have pictures with 4 all stars!) Keep your head up, Kevin. Get them next time.
Sunday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Denard Span (went 2-4, keeping his average at .300)
2. R.A. Dickey (Threw 40 pitches, 30 were strikes, which is fantastic!)
3. Jose Lopez (yeah, he deserves it, but I'm bitter giving it to him.)

Tonight, late game (9:05pm start) as are the next two games following it. I'm not sure how much of any of these games I'll watch since I do work and have to get up in the morning. The text message alone will wake me up when the game is over anyway. Come on, Swarzak, let's WIN tonight...and WIN BIG!!!!

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