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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here He Comes To Save The Day!

(I had to fight the urge to put a cape, and the full superman get-up on Joe Nathan...figured the shirt was enough.)

Let me start off by saying, THANK GOD FOR JOE NATHAN! He was the only pitcher (who pitched in the 9th) that could throw strikes to save their life! I was very optimistic for Jesse Crain...he did have his socks "Nesheked" again. I was hopeful for Mijares, especially after he got Jason Giambi out...but could either of them get it done and save Minnesota more embarrassment? Nope. They had to call on Super Joe to save the day. I think it's quite sad when your closer gets a save opportunity when you are leading going into the inning 10-0.

Now, I don't blame the bullpen or Scott Baker entirely for the disastrous 9th inning. I honestly think Timmy (Scott Baker) was getting tired, which is why he wasn't throwing as well as he had the rest of the game, but also Casilla screwing up on the one play didn't help him either. I think Casilla should have had TWO errors last night, not just the one he was charged with. He looked horrible in the 9th inning. It's kind of sad how much his fielding could have cost us the game. Again, we were up 10-0 at the start of the BOTTOM of the 9th...and we won 10-5. Props to the A's (though I'm not happy about that) for being troopers and using Casilla's screw ups to rally 5 runs...in one inning. 12 batters for Oakland batted in the 9th.

I am VERY happy the Twins won a game. Now they just need to get a "road streak" going. Win multiple games in a row on the road. It might give them some positive mojo to kick them in the pants and continue this trend, rather than the one they've been on (losing a lot on the road).

I have a theory. I think Timmy (Scott Baker) is very superstitious. The last game he pitched, he pitched well...AND he chose to wear the Navy jerseys. Last night, Navy again...and another big win for him! Coincidence? Nope. I think not. I think that the Navy jerseys have a greater power than any of us can imagine and it helps all (but Liriano because I don't like him) do better and pitch better so the starters can win games. SEE, GLEN PERKINS...I WASN'T LYING!! It made me last night start singing my own version of Nelly's song "It Must Be the Money"...I changed it to "Hey, it must be the NAVY!" I know...I'm a nerd.I can't say that I will endure the lack of sleep for a third night in a row just to watch Liriano. I know...some could say I'm not a true fan (which is not accurate...I am very diehard!), but when they Twins are forced to play in the East Coast at 9:05 for 3 nights in a row...the game doesn't get over with until around midnight, and my alarm is persistent at 6:30 in the morning. I like my sleep, thank you! Especially when I'm sitting at a desk all day, entering in boring things onto a computer. I don't think my boss would like it if I fell asleep at my desk (though I wouldn't mind nap time!) Who knows...maybe I'll surprise even myself and push through. After all, Friday, I can sleep in and then get up in time to watch Kevin pitch AND hit against the Cubbies on FSN. YAY for televised day games when Kevin pitches AND I am home to watch! Wooot!

Okay, moving onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Nathan (Duh! He was super Joe last night!! He listened when I told him no more than 2 batters (I didn't want any more runs given up when Mijares walked in 2 of them)
2. Scott Baker (he pitched outstanding. Yes, he couldn't close the deal and make it a complete game, but I understand. Bert should be a little forgiving of Timmy as well.)
3. (tie) Justin Morneau/Brendan Harris (it's hard to pick just one of these two guys. Sure Justin had more RBI's than Brendan, but Brendan got on base just as much as Justin did (with 1 less at bat than Justin). Maybe Gardy should have Brendan in the #2 spot of the order instead of Tolbert? He does like to get on base, and his average is better. Just a thought.


S.Rail said...

Thank goodness for Joe Nathans. Jeez, Jose Mijares came in and (struck out one, yes) but walked in two runs! I was actually worried that our 10 run lead wasn't going to be enough. It happend to the Rays when the Indians rallied to beat them 11-10 when the Rays were up 10-0. Scary thought.

Kristina said...

LOL...only our bullpen could make us worried that a 10-run lead might not be enough... :)

For The Love... said...

Yes, our bullpen is definitely capable of blowing a 10-0 lead. Sadly. I wish it weren't true.