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Saturday, June 20, 2009

In The Fifties

So I find it funny when Slowey pitches, there is a tendency for the bullpen pitchers to go in succession of: Guerrier, Mijares and then finishing off with Nathan. Last night was another one of those nights. Starting #59, then #54 to follow, then #50...then finally #36. (Yes, I am aware that Joe Nathan is not a 50, but he's our closer...he can't help that he's not in the 50's club. I'm fine with it.) It just makes me giggle to watch those pitchers always follow Slowey.

Slowey had a decent outing...sure it wasn't his best outing he's had all year, but he escaped fairly unscathed and made it through 6 innings. All in all, I think he pitched very well. I heard that the announcers on FSN were even saying that the performance of his probably guaranteed him to get the starting role for the All-Star Game! That would be so fantastic to watch him pitch his way into the starting job for the All-Star game. That's some high praise! I know he's that good, but the rest of baseball land may not see it just yet. I was very happy that he got #10 win! He's now tied with Roy Halladay for most wins...and now with his next win, he can move ahead of Halladay (who is currently on the DL, thank God!).

I was very surprised to see as many walks given up by Slowey as he did. I know he doesn't like to do that, and he doesn't do it very often. I blame the extra day of rest. He was on a 6 day rest, not his usual 5 day. I'm sure that messes with the pitchers because they get so used to being on a 5 day schedule...an extra day can throw a wrench in. He still did good though. I am proud.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. (This is going to shock everyone coming from me) Delmon Young...(he did go 2-4 and had a GREAT catch towards the end of the game...I was floored.)
2. Kevin Slowey (6 strike outs, 6 innings pitched and only 1 earned run! He did great!)
3. Joe Nathan (4 out wonder!)

Now, I didn't get a bobblehead last night, but then again, I also was not camping out or at the Dome at the ass crack of dawn to get one. I was only there about an hour before game time...and I know there was NO WAY there was 10,000 people inside. I am guessing about 5-6,000 of those people got their bobbleheads and left. Stupid people who pay for tacky souvenirs and then don't even enjoy the game.


Katie said...

They were indeed talking about his performance possibly guaranteeing him a trip to the All-Star Game. Bert was praising him pretty much all night long!

I made my apology post to Delmon last night after that catch and then tonight a home run. Perhaps I should have apologized sooner.

Betsy said...

that's so great for Slowey! Woot!

Yeah...Delmon did get a hr tonight...but that's it really. Nothing else real impressing!

Liz Strand said...

Here's my suggestion - get season tickets, or find someone who has them, and pay the $50 to be in the Guaranteed Giveaway Program (each season ticket holder can get 2 packages). I have never been able to snag a bobblehead or anything like that at a game, as camping out is not happening. So this means you get an assortment of the giveaways, although you don't know which ones.

I did this giveaway deal last year, and I suddenly have a lovely collection from the Gardy bobblehead to the Cuddy bat, to a Jack Morris statue, etc. First package (of three) included the Kirby Game 6 catch bobblehead & the DQ White hat (and more), and I was told by an acquaintance in the Twins front office that the Hrbek bobblehead is in the next shipment. Practically worth the season ticket package just for that! : )

But both years the payment had to be in well before Christmas for the Guaranteed Giveaway program, so you'd have to decide early! I had always wanted to be a season ticket holder, and ironically, when I gave myself the never-ending concussion in April '07, the first thing I read that I noticed was all blurry so I knew I had a problem, was the info I was about to fill out to get Season tickets.

I'm currently without a job, but I have room on a specific credit card specifically saved for next year!!(Yep, I have priorities...they may be messed up, but I if someone says to figure out my priorities, I did that already!)

Betsy said...

oh don't get me wrong...i'm not sad i didn't get a bobble head! i never know what to do with some of the giveaways...like those, the mini metrodome, fishing lure, etc. (i don't fish)