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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not A Three Sport State...

Okay, I am going to be honest with everyone...Pittsburgh may have gotten trophy's for two sports...but baseball will not be among the sports in which they will take the cake. Sure the Penguins are great (and no, I'm not a Sid the Kid fan)...the Steelers are superb! but come on...has anyone really ever heard of the Pittsburgh Pirates? Who would have guessed they even had a baseball team (*especially after they opted to trade away Jason Bay last year.) Nonetheless, the Twins (being a fantastic team) should be able to beat these guys. We should have a problem scoring runs, and we should not have a problem keeping them from getting runs. Apparently when you are named Francisco Liriano, you have a problem. I'm not going to lie, Franny is on my list. He's never been one to impress me (like so many people out there)...in fact, he usually disappoints me. (i.e. He likes to wear the cut off, he loses in the navy jerseys, he likes to give up runs, he's not very nice when you meet him.) All of these things make me not like him.

I'm not too terribly sad that I didn't in fact watch the game last night. Instead I watched 'Up' with a couple of my friends (which by the way is a phenomenal movie and I recommend going to see it. It's quite a tear-jearker in parts too!). When I occasionally would check the score I was floored that the Twins were losing to the Pirates 4-2...and then when I saw the 8-2 win for the Pirates, I was disappointed to say the least.
3 Stars (I use this term some what loosely after the loss) of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (hey, he drove in our only runs of the game)
2. Michael Cuddyer (he went 2-2 with 2 walks...sure he got picked off, but hey...he still had a good night at the plate)
3. (hmm...who to pick) Joe Mauer...(sure he only went 1 for 4, but he also had a walk in there...)

It's not like any of the Pirates had exceptional nights at the plate either...it was just those nasty long balls that haunted our pitching staff once again to destroy the chances of wining the game last night.

Today: Nick Blackburn going for the win against the Pirates to take the series win. Boys, just put last night's game behind you and focus on kicking ass and taking names! Friday and Saturday I'll be at the games! Pictures won't probably be as good as they have been in the past, only cause I'm sitting in seats that are free tickets (Thanks M.I.S.F and the Twins!)...but I like free tickets and I like being at the game, so I'll take it!

Tonight: Baseball Unplugged with a slight change in attendees. Kevin Slowey will not be there tonight (I wish I knew why they changed this, but I don't)...instead come see Glen Perkins, Michael Cuddyer, and Scott Baker! If I get picked to ask a question, I'll post it up here...if not, I'm saving it for another time when I go to Unplugged (it's a question for Cuddy). I'll be sure to take pictures too! Toodles!


k-bro said...

I'll be at Unplugged tonite. I'm trying to get some other bloggers/twitterers to go too. Hope to see you there.


For The Love... said...

I will be there! you'll probably notice a small short girl with a camera stapled to her face...that'd be me! :) hehe...
i'm gonna try to get a table when i get there. if i get one, you're more than welcome to come sit by me.

Heidi said...

I cried at least 3 times during Up. have fun tonight!
And I don't blame last night on Cisco completely. For him, this year, it was a decent outing. I blame the lack of timely hitting and a couple fielding mistakes. That being said, I still don't like him very much.

Katie said...

I'll be at Unplugged as well! It sounds like it's going to be a good turn out.

Katie said...

I was going to let you know since you don't have Twitter, I changed my blogger site...


Betsy said...

katie, i noticed that! i got you updated on my link list!