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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now Pitching For the Twins...Joe Nathan? But it's Only the 8th?

So I didn't mind last night when Gardy brought Joe Nathan in before the 9th inning. I was quite pleased actually. When I read about Garko's stats against lefties, I understood why you wouldn't want Mijares in there. I also understood why Nathan got the call instead of Crain. When the lead is so minimal, why not give the reins over to someone who is completely consistent and LOVES getting people out, instead of someone who could screw things up, big time.I'm going to start by saying that Casilla is still on my list. I thought with his nice base hit in the game, that he might be trying to win his way off the list...but then he screwed up the one play and cost Kevin 2 runs. I was not pleased with that. At all.

So I was all twitterpated when Kevin Slowey was warming up right in front of me. I had a hard time taking pictures of him.He did amuse me after he sat down on the bullpen bench. He took a glass of water and poured it over his head. He didn't even fully let the water roll off his head before putting his hat back on. It made me laugh. It was cute.

The bullpen now has a new backpack! It's no longer Disney Princesses. It's Tinkerbell! Here's the new one...it's cute. So...girlie.I tried getting a picture of it, but it was just out of my camera shot. I love the bullpen and they never cease to amuse me. Matty Guerrier decided before he sat down to turn around, waive and then sit down. It was cute. Other bullpen notes...R.A. Dickey and Luis Ayala played their air piano's every time the organist did chants during the game...and Ayala played his air trumpet and even a little air drums. Krystal and I laughed a lot at him, and we got busted by him laughing. We still laughed more...even though he kept looking. R.A. decided to teach Jesse Crain about how to throw a knuckleball...it was like Daddy teaching his little son. Sweet.

I loved looking on ESPN.com today and seeing that 2 Twins players made web gems. Justin got the #2 gem for his fantastic catch from the Brendan Harris throw. Go-Gomez got the #1 gem. I thought it was pretty obvious for why he got it. It was an unbelievable catch and it really helped save the game. I think Martinez would have had at least a double out of that hit...maybe a triple. So thankful he actually made that catch. Good thing Delmon Young isn't out center fielder. Speaking of Delmon Young...when is he going to be traded away? It's unfortunate that Cuddy is out hurt again...otherwise I would feel that there were hope to see him shipped off.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Kevin Slowey (oh Kevin...how I love thee)
2. Carlos Gomez (though he didn't produce at the plate, he still made a phenomenal catch!)
3. Joe Mauer (he went 3 for 3...and got a home run...it was great as usual.)

Okay now for pictures from the game...captions below the pictures as always.
Kevin...uhh...rubbing his hands on Mike Redmond. It was slightly awkward but slightly funny at the same time.
Kevin smiling...
He's so fun to watch when he warms up...he's always so in control even when he's throwing it a long distance.
Warming up some more
Justin in his usual "warm up" spot...it's cute how predictable he is.
Joe Nathan warming up the outfield.
Justin wobbling.
Oh, Joe...
Joe again


Kristina said...

Air piano??!?? LOVE IT. Oh man. I love those guys even more now if possible.

For The Love... said...

It was quite entertaining! I didn't care that he busted me every time I laughed at him...I had to watch which instrument he'd break out next.
I wonder if he really plays the piano...hmmm...