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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play Nice And Get A Treat

So as some of us have learned (see example here) that some of the players will listen when you offer to buy them their favorite snack. Last night was no different when Katie promised Mr. Morneau some BBQ Pringles if he hit a home run. Guess he wanted those Pringles awfully bad, because moments later, the ball sailed out of the park. Well some of us decided that we need to have a pot luck at the end of the season to pay back all of these items we now owe the boys. K-bro suggested for Nick Blackburn (upon learning Mr. Blackburn's nickname of "Pumpkin Tits") that we should make him pumpkin flavored...uhh "tit" shaped muffins. I found our way of completing this: see here
Now, we just need to promise all the other boys something for doing well when asked, and then our potluck can be complete! Our task is to now learn something that each of the players like, so we can promise them said item at the potluck (date and location TBD)

In all of our efforts last night, it was sad to see the Twins play like they were in a t-ball league again and didn't know how to hold a baseball, much less throw a baseball to a fellow teammates. I am beginning to feel super back for Mr. Pumpkin Tits...the Twins just seem to like to create errors when he is on the mound pitching. Take last year's 1-game playoff vs. Chicago White Sucks...1 error, and it cost us the game. Pumpkins Tits (who I might affectionately refer to as man titties cause it rolls off the tongue better, and is the only reason I could think of for how he got his nickname) always also seems to have pitching duels with the opposing teams pitcher. No matter if there is a pitcher on the other team that is set to face one of our other talented pitchers, it's always the one who faces Blackburn that has the duel. I am quite tired of this...I just want the Twins to be able to score runs and to make the plays (without errors) when Blackburn and all the other pitchers are pitching.

I have also determined that whoever Bert picks in his Pick the Stick, is doomed. As soon as Mauer's name rolled off his tongue last night...I chimed "Poor Joe." As a result of Bert picking Mauer...0-4. I feel your pain, Joe and I really did want you to prove my Bert theory wrong, but unfortunately you were unable to. I don't blame you though. I blame the curse of Bert. Maybe Bert should have gone with someone like Brian Buscher or Delmon Young...then it's expected anyway that they'll go 0 for how many ever times they are up to bat. Bert, if you're listening, please don't cause us any more misery! Thankfully, us the fans, picked Justin Morneau and he touched the most bases last night, and brought in the most runs. Good job fellow fans!
Bad Bert! I think he must "fart" on the player he picks before the game...eww.

I wonder how pissed off Gardy was at Denard Span when he ran in front of Delmon Young (who was frantically waving everyone off) and caught the ball. I don't blame him for not trusting Delmon, but it was kind of umm...mean (for lack of a better word to describe it). I know Gardy was already pissed off about Jason Kubel determined out. Kubel didn't move after hitting a ball, because he said it hit his foot, and they (the umps) deemed as a playable ball and caled him out. Wouldn't Jason Kubel have been the one who would have known for sure that the ball did indeed hit off his foot? I'm sure he felt it. Whoever said that the umps were the brightest crayons in the box? No I, and probably not Jason Kubel or Gardy. Not after last night anyway.I think the Twins struggle with grasping the concept of being more than one game above the .500 mark. That is the furthest they have come this season, and every time they could get that coveted 2 about .500, they fail. I'm hoping the change this, and soon. I really like winning and would love to be better than an average team. Plus, I'd really love for the Twins to take over the first place spot. I know, and they should know, that we are better than the rest of the teams in our division. It just seems like they want to act like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz and be trampled on for the first half of the season and then getting their courage from the Wizard and kicking ass the second half of the season. Find your courage now, boys!! Before the All-Star Break!3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (he got the home run we asked for and cut the lead in half)
2. Nick Blackburn (I'm at a loss for who else to pick from the Twins and really don't want to give 2 of 3 stars to the Royals...but Nick wasn't tooooo bad last night. Sure long balls got the best of him, but it happens!)
3. Miguel Olivo

Tonight: Scott Baker takes on the Royals against Bannister.

In serious, non-Twins related news...please keep my friend from college, Nathan Junker's family in your thoughts and prayers. Read about what happened to Nathan here. Police discovered Nathan's body last night around 8pm.


Katie said...

I will make good on my promise to Justin too lol.

I wonder if Nick realizes just how many of us read that survey...he just dug himself into a hole since we all know that nickname now.

Nathan's family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Betsy said...

he dug himself a HUGE hole! I love it though!

Heidi said...

Its unfortunate that 'pumpkin tits' is kind of inappropriate becasue I would totally make an "I heart Pumpkin Tits" t-shirt to wear to games. Or put it on the back side of my Circle Me Bert sign.

Nathan's family is in my prayers.

Betsy said...

I love the idea to make the shirts!! Maybe we should do "custom" Twins t-shirts and have his number and "Pumpkin Tits" as the name on the back...I'd wear it (unless Slowey was pitching)

Tricia said...

That cupcake pan is hilarious. Apparently I'm still 12 years old in some ways.

Sorry about your friend. That's sad.

Betsy said...

nothing wrong with being 12! :)

S.Rail said...

The Twins cannot stay over the .500 mark for over 1 day...it's sad

Gah! We needed that win last night! We always lose when Detroit does!! And now we got Chicago creepin' on us...great.