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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Psychic Is IN

Okay, I am beginning to freak myself out. I am either, really in tune with Gardy, psychic, or just see things in the players that are blatantly obvious. Or maybe (very slim chance) Gardy reads my blog. I'm guessing I'd be psychic over Gardy reading my blog, but hey, stranger things have happened! So the latest victim of my shit list to be demoted...Jesse Crain. I am now 3 for 3 with the guys who haven't managed to keep themselves off the list for more than one outing. I had hope for Jesse, but he obviously failed me, thus getting shipped off to Rochester. Maybe I should see if I could make money off of my newly discovered talent.

Congratulation to Joe Mauer for kicking ass last night and also for having the highest batting average amongst those players who have played at least 30 games this season...Jason Bartlett trails closely behind him (amongst 30+ game players) in second at .376. Congrats to Jason for being a bad ass this year. I am very proud! I think the Twins have potential to get more talk going about them with Joe because of the great season he is having...though some of the talk may only be about him, I'll take it anyway!
Last night 5 of our 9 hitters went 2 for 4 or higher. That's a great stat! I think the announcers said that as a team they had a combine batting average of around .500 during the game last night. The Twins played a great game last night, and I'm happy Glen could get his second win of the season and his win his first game back of the DL.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer (he went 4-4. Yes, he had an error late in the game, but it didn't turn out to be costly. Hey, no one is perfect...but his bat was!)
2. Glen Perkins (he pitched good...had a high pitch count for only 6 innings, but only had 2 earned runs.)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he had an almost home run in his first at bat after resting a swollen finger for a few days and being out of the line up...turned out to be a double. He went 2-4 and had an RBI.)

In other baseball news: Sammy Sosa is the latest in baseball to be brought up in the steroids ordeal. I am getting tired of hearing about all the different players who have used steroids. Maybe they should issue a list of players that have NOT used steroids...it's starting to seem like it might be a smaller list. Then they could just get everything out in the open instead of continuing everything and always making baseball headlines about steroids use. Joe Nathan feels the same way too. Check out THIS article on Twin Cities.com.

In non-baseball related news: For those of you who enjoy Twilight (whether the book or the movie) you should check out True Blood (well those who are old enough to handle nudity). It's a really great show! I am completely addicted to it after having free HBO for the weekend. I figured I'd check out the show (cause I had wanted to for a while...) and boy did I get hooked quickly! The lead vampire...wow...he's smoking hot! Wowza!


S.Rail said...

Glen didn't wear the ugly cutoffs! :)

(But, Liriano did today, but he doesn't count, just Glen does)

For The Love... said...

stupid cutoffs! I am happy Glen didn't wear those...notice who got a win and who didn't. :)
i hate the cutoffs regardless of who chooses to wear them.

S.Rail said...

Ok, ok. We hate everyone who wears the cutoffs. ;)

...Kevin Slowey in cutoffs?! ICKY!

For The Love... said...

I'm very glad Kev never takes off his jacket when they have those hideous things on...