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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Say Goodnight Gracie

Okay, so learning yesterday while watching the game (and at the same time wanting to throw my irritating none-cooperative computer out a window) Ayala wanted to be traded because he didn't like his role in the bullpen was a little unnerving. But what I also found to be somewhat tacky and douche-baggy...was the fact that Gardy made it known to the whole world that Ayala asked to be traded and how he said he didn't like his role. I don't know that Gardy's behavior was exactly "business professional". Sure, he was mad about Ayala and I'm sure the media and fans when Ayala got DFA'd, but still did he really need to get out of the professional manner and behave like a 3 year old who would come back at you with something like "I know you are, but what am I?" It just felt about that childish to me.

Anyway...I guess, good luck Ayala, wherever you may end up. I think maybe you should approach your career with thinking before speaking next time. That way you don't look like a jackass.

It was wonderful last night watching the Twins get the lead early on and maintain the lead. I got to gloat about them throughout most of the game. I frequently referred to Go-Gomez as "Super GoGo!" and it made my friend (who is a huge Brewers fan) mad. It was fun. :) It was fantastic that they were able to capitalize on the extra out they were given in the first inning, allowing Crede to come and bring in 3 runs.

Go-Gomez did have a superb night at the plate! I hope when Denard Span comes back from his Triple-A rehab that he plays, and that Delmon Young sits. I honestly would just rather see Span, Go-Gomez and Cuddy in the outfield. Sure, I know Young can hit too (every now and then) but he can't make as good of plays defensively that those others can. I also read somewhere that Kubel will return to the line up tonight...I'm hoping whoever wrote that meant that Kubel will be available on the bench...not starting. Sure I like his bat, but there are others that play the field so well.

Thank God our bullpen members consisted of seeing Dickey and Matty Guerrier come in to pitch. I feel a sense of relief when it's those guys. I thought for sure that Gardy would opt to use the new dude, but I am VERY thankful he didn't. Hopefully he holds off on that one for a while yet. No need to rush, Gardy!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Carlos Gomez (3 for 5 batting...score a few runs! He had an impressive night at the plate)
2. Joe Crede (2 for 5 and was the one who got the first runs in during the game!)
3. Joe Nathan (Come on...it's Joe Nathan. I love watching him, even if it's not save opportunities.)

Honorable mention: Jose Morales...I love seeing him come in to pinch hit. He usually follows through with a hit! Good job, Jose!

Tonight: Mr. Blackburn takes the mound to crush the Brewers! I will be cheering loudly and gloating lots (if they do well)! I figured with Liriano starting last night, that the Brewers had their shot there...they didn't capitalize...so they are out of options! Go Nick Blackburn!!


Katie said...

I do love Jose! I wish we could keep him up here for the whole season, but I really wonder if we need 3 catchers.

Betsy said...

i think he should be the back up...i like redmond, but he's old and jose hits better

Katie said...

Oh thank God I'm not the only person that feels that way!

Betsy said...

nope you're not! :)