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Monday, June 22, 2009

Who Knew It Could Hurt So Much

I feel somewhat bad for Glen Perkins. I know he didn't pitch badly yesterday, but he still did get the loss in the 4-1 game against the Astros. Sure he didn't have a good first inning and the Astros really capitalized on that inning, but the rest of the team couldn't pull through and get much of any kind of hits going. Cuddy did do a magic trick of making the ball disappear into the outfield seats! Unfortunately his home run, and Brian Buscher's one hit couldn't win a game.

It was fun seeing the little munchkins of the Twins players on the TV during pregame show.
They showed Kubel's, Punto's, Cuddyer's, Baker's, Nathan's, Crede's, and Redmond's kids. I have to say that Kubel's little boy is precious as is Nicky's little girl. It was cute when they showed Nicole acting like her daddy and "sliding" into first! I couldn't believe how big Joe Nathan's little girl has gotten...You could definitely tell that Cuddy was elated to be a daddy on Father's day! You also can tell that his kid got more of his genes rather than momma's...he looked a lot like Cuddy (he was a cutie as well!) I think all those little kids were cute. Had I not been so tired, I might have woken up in enough time to go and get day of tickets for the game, but alas, I didn't hear my phone at all! Maybe next year.

They've officially moved Kevin's next start back to next Saturday. I was looking forward to seeing him bat again, especially because they were going to be in Milwaukee (where my former roommate lives). I'm not sure what game my old roomie is going to, but he told he how he's not going to wear his Mauer shirt, or his Twins hat (which he has even though he is a Brewers fan). If it wouldn't have been a mid-week series, I would have been there and MADE him wear his Mauer shirt. Now I'll just have to hope that Joe kicks ass and Nick wishes that he would have been wearing his Mauer shirt.

Today is an off day, which I think they need! A lot of hurting players and illness going around the club. Just remember boys, wash your hands a lot and don't share glasses or anything else with each other! We don't need anymore players getting sick. I'm wishing for speedy recoveries for those who are hurt and hoping those who are sick feel better soon! I kinda think it'd be fun to send a giant "Get Well Soon" card to the team...but then I think it'd look kind of funny with just my signature on it. So I'll just put up a "card" (or rather "cards") on here...hoping someone sees it.

Both of these seemed fitting. Anyway...Get Well Soon boys!

3 Stars of the Game
(which I almost forgot):
1. Glen Perkins
2. Brendan Harris (he had 2 great stops at short stop!)
3. Jeff Keppinger (hey, if anyone else had got hits on the Twins besides Buscher and Cuddyer we might have seen all Twins on the stars list...but nope...not a good day for our bats)

Another note: We are planning a blogger get-together on July 11th! Details are to follow. I'll try to keep everyone updated on here as well. Otherwise Katie from Those Girls should give us more details to come as well.


Katie said...

I don't believe how big Riley has gotten since last year! I loved that they showed some of them on TV.

We'll shoot for next year's game ;)

Heidi said...

I'm a little sad that they switched the rotation a little bit because now I have to see Glen when I see them in STL on Friday. Not that I don't heart Glen, its just that he's only my 4th favorite starting pitcher, and even thoug I don't see the boys very often in person, when I do see them its usually on a Glen day. I was hoping to switch it up.
If I didn't live in Indiana I'd totally be in on the 11th. Jars and the Twins in one night...could life get any better?

Betsy said...

it is always nice to see someone different every now and then (though I most of the time plan to go see slowey...and plan not to see liriano)

i had the problem last year of every game i went to it was livan. i tried and tried to see someone else, but it always ended up being him. it made me want to gag. :(

you should road trip to MN in july! :)

Jenna said...

Yeah, I was sad and a little mad that they changed Kevin's start. I was looking forward to seeing him when I went to Milwaukee on thursday.

Betsy said...

Well i guess our consolation prize is getting to see him pitch on tv on Saturday? not sure that's as good as seeing pitchers bat.

Jenna said...

I live in Wisconsin, so I rarely get to see him pitch unless it's on espn or fox

Betsy said...

that's a bummer! :( you'll have to road trip here some time this summer to see him! :)

Jenna said...

That's what I'm counting on.

Betsy said...

Let me know if you decide on a game to go to! We could get a group of us together and go!