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Thursday, June 25, 2009

With That Double Vision

Yikes, what an awful ending to the game. Though I wasn't watching (which I am somewhat thankful for), I feel somewhat responsible. See, I got cocky with my gloating to my friends (the Brewers fans)...and I was also having a really bad day yesterday. Whenever I have a bad day, the Twins can't seem to find a way to win and cheer me up. Nope, they insist on losing.

Possible ways to change this outcome:

1. Have only good days and not be crabby.
2. Hope for a couple of my coworkers to quit their jobs and find new ones.
3. Yell and scream at the Twins and show them some tough love during these times.
4. Take my bad day out on some other team (ie...the Rays, Padres...since I appreciate these two teams.)
5. Hope my bad day affects the Red Sox, Yankees or White Sox.

I'm out of other ideas for how to change this fact. (Yes, I am aware that I am an extremely superstitious fan...I don't care that I am! I also am aware that I might sound crazy. Oh well.)

I guess on the technicality, Blackburn did lose the game for himself. I'm not trying to pass of the blame or say I am mad at him...I'm just saying things happen! We can't do anything about it now...all we can do is going into today's (day) game with our heads held high and beat the snot out of the Brewers with Baker on the mound. I am very proud of Blackburn for pitching his second complete game in a row. Way to make up for the other guys not being able to get that done! It's a good thing for a pitcher to be able to do. Blackburn, we can blame the heat if you want...claim you were having double vision (so you didn't know what Crede was the real Crede).See it's enough to make anyone go mad!!

In other Twins news: The Twins have about half the team scheduled for a player appearance on July 11th. I'm not going to lie...I will be at one of these (if my cousin can't go see Kubel (whom she loves for some odd reason), I will be meeting him...if she does go, it'll hopefully be him AND Joe Nathan we meet. She loves him too.) I'd like to meet Denard...but I don't drive to Hudson...it's not a close drive unless you live in Stillwater or WI.
Here's who you can meet:
Jason Kubel - Maple Grove
Denard Span - Hudson, WI
Joe Nathan - St. Louis Park
Michael Cuddyer & Brendan Harris - Elk River
T.C. - Roseville (I know the most exciting one of them all)
It's amazing how they can cover almost the entire northern suberbs in one day. What a long drive for the players after these appearances. North suberbs mean this: get their early! They won't be staying after their alloted times since there is a game that night. Any questions about the appearances, feel free to ask!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn
(hey, he did pitch a complete game and other than his error that lost the game for them, he was great!)
2. Jason Kubel (13th homer of the season! Yeah, he probably could have thrown the ball better in the 8th when those 2 horrific errors happened, but what you going to do?)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he was the only Twins to get more than 1 hit last night. Good job, Cuddy! Way to carry the team!)


Katie said...

I don't check the appearance page for one day and the thing explodes with stuff!

Holy crap, who to go see?! I'm thinking Kubes since I've already seen Cuddy twice. But I'd love to see Joe too..hmm...

Betsy said...

I'm thinking we hit up Kubel first (nice and early) and then haul ass to see Joe Nathan. I managed to see Harris and Nathan in one day last year...so I'm optimistic this year!

It really did explode today!

Katie said...

Elk River would be closer for me, but I'd rather see Kubes.

I'd haul ass to see Joe, but I don't know my way around St. Louis Park like I do Maple Grove!

Betsy said...

the st. louis park one is right off of highway 100! it'll be easy to find! plus, you can always follow me there.

Katie said...

Haha okay I'm pretty sure I know where it's at then.

My parents are going to think I'm nuts!

Betsy said...

we're Twins fans...of course we are nuts! :)

Katie said...

Ain't that the truth!

We'll have to talk closer to the date and get a plan in place.