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Monday, June 22, 2009

Woe Is Me...and Ayala

So I am not happy that the Twins announced today that they were designating Ayala for assignment. What does this mean? Well...one of three things...
  • Place the player on waivers (which can only be done within the first 7 days of the 10-day period)
  • Trade the player
  • Release the player
I'm guessing that if he get put on waivers, some other team that is in need of bullpen help will snag him up. Which means that my buddy in the bullpen who entertains me SO much will no longer be there to make me laugh uncontrollably. Nor will there be someone to hide from the camera when I take pictures of the bullpen.

Where is Sean Henn in all of this? Why, he is still with the team on the 40 man roster and still in his Twins major-league uniform. I am not happy about this move. I think Henn sucks way more than Ayala. Sean Henn should go play for Chicago White Sucks...he got into their bleach bottles already...he'll fit right in.

Notes about Bobby Keppel. Katie says her notes from Spring training are as follows: "Keppel: Neither adorable nor good at baseball. Please don't come to MN." That doesn't sound promising.

Way to go Twins front office...ship off a guy who has been around to bring in another fresh guy to screw up our late innings some more! Why not just promote the whole Rochester teams bullpen and demote any of the pitchers we have that have any experience. Who's next?? Matty Guerrier? I sure hope not.

Bill Smith's comment:
"We don't want to give up on [Henn]," Twins General Manager Bill Smith said. "He's lefthanded, and he's got velocity. He's another one who's been inconsistent, but he's got upside. We felt that Keppel was a good fit for us right now, and unfortunately it cost Ayala a spot." (from the Trib)

Other notes from the Star Tribune:
After starting for Class AAA Albuquerque (Marlins) last season, Keppel signed a minor league contract with the Twins with a clause that would have allowed him to become a free agent if he wasn't placed on the major league roster by July 1.


Katie said...

Either way you look at it he's not going to be a Twin anymore, which is a shame. The front office just doesn't seem to get it this season.

Betsy said...

only way he stays being a Twin...gets put on waivers and not claimed.

Katie said...

True, it's just there are so many teams that seem to be having pen issues that someone will snatch him up.

Betsy said...

here's hoping he slips under the radar!

Katie said...

I agree. The guy may get under my skin, but he's so much better then Henn.

Kristina said...

I agree...Henn rather than Ayala...

Heidi said...

My first reaction was, well at least they're trying to do something with the bullpen. My second reaction was why the heck not sean henn?! I didn't like that guy from the second I saw him. I didn't have to even see him throw a pitch, I knew he was bad news.

Betsy said...

their reason for keep Henn...he's a lefty. Well then why couldn't they have promoted Duensing again (who is also a lefty) and demoted Henn? That's what makes the most sense to me...then they wouldn't have had to DFA Ayala.

How do you think we can get me in charge of these things and not Bill Smith?