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Sunday, June 14, 2009

You ARE the Weakest Link...Goodbye!

Do you think Carlos Go-Gomez was shooting up a "Hallelujah" when he FINALLY hit his first home run of the season? I will admit I squealed a bit when I saw that he got his home run he's been waiting for. I loved reading the quotes in the paper too from Go-Gomez. "I got a good pitch to hit and I don't miss,'' said Gomez. (on his home run)..."I be a little bit scared,'' Gomez said of hitting the wall. "That's kind of [how] I miss the ball.'' I love Go-Gomez quotes...they entertain me. By no means am I making fun of his broken English...no no...I just find it cute how hard he tries to use proper English, but then biffs it completely.
I was very impressed yesterday with Scott (Timmy) Baker's outing. He pitched a fine performance and once again made me happy by wearing the Navy. Can anyone else tell that Timmy is SUPER superstitious, other than me? He has to be...it just makes sense. Hmm...I shall ask him this if ever again I get to talk to him. I'm just hoping Crap Crain didn't screw things up for the navy jerseys (at least with Timmy's next outing).
I got a voicemail yesterday from my cousin...she said, "Yeah, I didn't get to watch any of the Twins game, but I heard Scott Baker did really well. It's too bad the Twins had to screw it up and lose." (italics added) I immediately responded to my voicemail (I spoke to the message, not my cousin)..."No no, it wasn't 'The Twins' that screwed things up...it was Jesse Crain...AGAIN!" Jesse Crain is becoming out weakest link. When are the Twins going to follow the Brittish lady and say "Goodbye"?? I hope it's soon. Find someone else to snag off waivers and bring them in...or just help Pat Neshek to be miracialously healed and come back before NEXT year.Instead of the "Pitch in for Pat" campaign (that he did for the all-star game a couple years ago)...I'm going to start the "Bring Pat Back NOW" campaign. Maybe if we get enough signatures, he'll make a surprising turn around and be ready tomorrow. One can hope.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Scott Baker (outstanding performance)
2. Carlos Go-Gomez (he got a double and his first home run!)
3. Joe Mauer (he continued to get booed in Chicago and went 3-5)

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