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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hee Hee...Poke the Doughboy

I have decided that C.C. Sabathia looks a lot like a chocolate version of the Pillsbury Doughboy. When Delmon Young looks very slender, you know there is something wrong.I really hate the Yankees with every fiber of my being. Why is it that the Twins are so intimidated by them that they play like they are back in the days of tee ball and can't hit or play the ball to save their lives? Really, just because the Yankees are big and overpaid players...doesn't mean that we can't beat them. I know we can do it. I expect it tomorrow night too!

It got a little tiresome during the game listening to Bert rag on Timmy. Yes, he may not be on his A-game tonight, but really? How about a little faith and a little positive encouragement. It really felt like they couldn't say anything good about Baker. They kept saying how he couldn't get strike outs, but yet he did get a few. I thought it felt like the fielding was off as well, which meant that any ground ball got through any possible hole and killed us.

Kirby, I mean Go-Gomez may have earned himself a star with his leaping catch (that if it doesn't make ESPN's top plays AND web gems, I am writing a letter to complain to them as well.) to rob A. Rod of a grand slam and having only one run score rather than what could have been four. (I've heard that Go-Gomez's play was #1 on the top plays on TV...I shall make sure of this, and hope for a web gem nod too!)
*CORRECTION: Go-Gomez was #2 Top play on ESPN's Top 10 and #1 on Web Gems.

Since tonight was somewhat less than thrilling, okay, really bad, I figure we all need something to give us a little...giggle. Here's an interview err...rather a competition to see who knows Justin better...Joe or Justin's wife Krista. For Love or the Game on ESPN. It's cute, I promise.

Another cute thing during the game (if you can call it that) was when Nick Blackburn was being interviewed and you could see him smiling at someone in the dugout next to him. Bert asked if someone was giving him a hard time and he replied "Yeah, Slowey. He's always causing trouble."

I couldn't bare the pain of watching the remainder of the game on TV...it resorted to game day and then True Blood playing on my TV. At least the guys in True Blood are good looking.3 "Stars" of the Game:
1. Carlos Go-Gomez (he made Kirby like catches...nothing really at the plate, but watching him rob A. Rod of a homer is worth a star in my mind.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (he got a home run off of C.C. the Doughboy and aquired a third bag of Skittles from Katie)
3. Brian Duensing (sure it wasn't a fantastic outing, but I don't care. He's pretty and no one else really did anything worthy of a star. So prettiness gets it over play.)

A couple notes for everyone who reads this:

1. You can join the Jim Souhan hating group on facebook here. We (bloggers that I talk with) would love to see Phil Miller write for the Star Tribune and Jim Souhan to be let go.
2. Be sure to comment on my "letter" to the Twins PR people (about Unplugged). I just might send the letter (with comments as well) to the Twins front office to express our feelings about this change in policy.


Katie said...

Tomorrow night WILL be better... it has to be better. I'm not sure I can stomach seeing this in person.

I'm thinking of bringing some Skittles in honor of someone ;o)

Betsy said...

I think we all need to eat Skittles too...ourselves...and bring him a bag too.

Katie said...

I'll pick some up tomorrow when I do my erruns in the morning. Any special kind?

Betsy said...

just the regular kind should be good! :) hehe...

Katie said...

I'm on it!

k-bro said...

Yup, that ESPN For Love or The Game segment was adorable. Thanks for the giggle.

Betsy said...

I liked how Krista said she has Justin's sense of humor. It was cute!

Heidi said...

Good heavens! How adorable are those boys?!

Betsy said...
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