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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is It Halloween?

Trick or Treat! So my ex (after learning Mr. Blackburn's nick name) suggested that maybe the reason why his wife calls him Pumpkin Tits is because his nipples resemble those Halloween candy pumpkins. I about died in a fit of laughter and then began to picture what he was saying. So this is what I am thinking must be the reason.So, I'm going to start with yesterday's game since I'm already on the subject of Nick Blackburn. What a fantastic game and a great job by Nick! Third game he's went the complete game...and also our bullpen got to get some much needed rest. With how long the game went on Friday night, I'm sure any little bit of rest the bullpen can get was gratefully appreciated.
Nick Blackburn, with his win, also helped us to mark another milestone in this year's season...we are now 3 games over .500! Outstanding, boys!! I'm glad we could get ourselves to be within two games of those filthy Tigers. We just need to keep throwing punches and get ourselves into the first place in our division! I know they can do it.

Sunday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (3rd complete game, out of his last 4 games pitched)
2. Justin Morneau (big home run and went 2-4 during the game!)
3. Jason Kubel (he went 2-4 and his misread on the hit-and-run was a little off, but he still did good)

Saturday was a excellent game. I was happy to be a part of the crowd and get to enjoy the show. At first when they showed the starting lineups, I wasn't thrilled that Brian Buscher was in the lineup (Delmon at DH, and Buscher at 3rd). I did understand why Buscher was in at 3rd, since Crede is fragile and played for 16 innings the night before. Buscher decided that he needed to impress me. He made a very Nicky Punto-like play and flew to catch a ball. Go here to see the outstanding play. I hoped for his sake that he would make ESPN's web gems or top plays, but I was doubtful, since ESPN likes to play favorites! All in all, it was a superb game and Katie and I had tons of fun...

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (he was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle and being the 3rd player for the Twins to do that this year...but still went 4-4.)
2. Nick Punto (he was using Mike Redmond's bat that day...see here and went 2 for 3)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he got a home run to get the scoring going for the Twins!)

Now: Time for pictures from Saturday night...they are backwards, so end of the game, to warm ups for the pitchers is the order. Captions below. Enjoy!
Nathan in the 'pen
Keppel warming up in the 'pen
Nicky Punto with his ghetto hands
Joe Mauer warming up
Justin and his "happy" bat
Cuddy tossing a ball to a kid
Justin pretending to hit the ball

Duensing carrying the bullpen backpack
Brendan Harris and Denard Span...yay!

Morales in sepia tone...I had fun with my camera
Katie and I
Duensing signing autographs
Duensing...he's pretty
Swarzak warming up


Joe Nathan...oh to be that tongue
Joe Nathan kicking something around
Glen and his funny faces

Duensing, cute smile
Duensing looking over at me...

Whose a schmuck? Bobby Keppel...see he raised his hands when asked!
Nick Blackburn...and stretch!


Katie said...

And to think, we get to do it all over again on Wed!

I was reading online this morning that Justin volunteered to be Jose's back up catcher on Saturday if anything happened. But according to Gardy that role belongs to Buscher.

Heidi said...

the pumpkin tits nickname was a topic of conversation this weekend and we also came to the conclusion that it has to be because of the halloween candy, and if its not, its just plain weird.
I would have peed my pants if I were that close to duensing.

Betsy said...

too funny that you came to the same conclusion about the nickname! lol...
umm, ask katie, i about peed my pants being that close to him. it was difficult!

Katie said...

She did! I thought she was going to have to leave. She restrained herself, I was proud lmao

S.Rail said...

I really like the span/harris pic up there! Duensing is pretty awesome. I hope he can stay up in the bigs! (ha, with the bullpen backpack. Hillarious)

Keppel...that goofball! :)

luckie said...

Ah...Duensing looks prettier than I remember from the Olympics. Yay for keeping it together! :)

Betsy said...

Duensing's got a nice deep sexy voice too! I about died! lol...