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Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's The Curse of 11

I thought that seven was supposed to be an unlucky number, not 11, but with Roy Halladay going on the DL after 11 wins, and now Slowey on the DL (sadly), I am beginning to wonder when Zack Greinke will go on the DL as well. It's bound to happen. He is only at 10 wins, so he's still got another win before the curse of 11 will take him over.
Here's my tribute to Kevin as he heads off to the disabled list...hopefully will be back after the All-Star break, but now that rules out him starting in the All-Star game. Sadly.

What can I say about last night's game? I thought it was great that the boys were able to tie the game up and keep the Tigers on their feet. It was unfortunate that they couldn't capitalize on a few plays...I think the toughest out that we got was Justin getting out at third with no outs and if he would have stayed at second, we may have had an extra chance to get a run home to win the game. I guess mistakes happen and we can't do anything about them now. I hope tonight's game, they will step up and knock around those Tigers like they did earlier this season, preferably in 9 innings, not 13-16. Thanks, boys.

I am thrilled that the Twins have recalled Brian Duensing. He was my favorite bullpen member when the season started, and I have claimed him as my married Twins boyfriend. He's pretty. He was the positive note of Kevin coming out of the game, but I would have rather Kevin stayed in longer and then Duensing come in. I'm guessing Kevin left after 3 innings because of his wrist hurting, so I understand why he didn't go longer.

Did anyone else think that Jim Leyland was quite a dick when he pulled his starting pitcher one out before he could qualify for a win. Not that either starting pitcher got the win, but still, he had a chance at that point in the game. Now instead, his bullpen got to screw things up and let the Twins tie the game, twice late in the game. Sadly, his crap pitcher at the end wore us down and I think that the boys were tired and thinking of having to play today that they just wanted to go home, win or lose. I don't blame them. I was getting tired too by midnight.

Today, I'll be at the Dome getting my DQ cap and watching Fran take on the Tigers. I'm hoping Crede can do some more Tiger killing and kick some major ass! Hopefully, Brandon Inge got a smaller jersey overnight so that we won't have to see this:
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (he pitched more innings than Kevin and only allowed one run...no I'm not bashing Kevin, but I'm appalauding our bullpen.)
2. Denard Span (he went 5 for 8! What a great night for Denard!)
3. Delmon Young (he sure surprised me)

Sadly, because the Tigers had intentionally walked Joe Mauer he's still 2 plate appearances away from being able to be on the list of highest batting average. He'll be there soon!


Katie said...

Kev being on the DL is not what I wanted to wake up to this morning :( I do love the picture tribute though.

Here's to a good game today!

S.Rail said...

That Brandon Inge. What a silly guy. :P

Grienke is bound to go on DL sometime (hopefully,when we play them next)! That was EXACTLY what I thought when I heard Kevin was going there (maybe it's good, he hasn't been himself lately. He needs to recharge)

Tricia said...

Holy cow. 5 for 8. Now that's a long frickin' game. Beats the heck outta being 1-8 though.