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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, That Was A Close One

So usually I spend part of my morning reading the newspaper (Star Tribune) and most mornings, I also enjoy reading what they have to say. And then I come across articles written by Jim Souhan, whom normally I like (baseball article-wise, but not hockey related)...until today. He wrote an article about our bullpen...and how we need help. How many of us know this, and have heard this SO many times its becoming a little redundant? I think any Twins fan in their right mind knows about the bullpen, in general, but this article comes after the bullpen didn't struggle...in fact they have only given up 2 earned runs since June 20th (which was when Sean Henn screwed up, and Luis Ayala was still here.) I think the part of the article that bothered me the most was this line and it's inaccuracy "Now they're considering Dickey, a knuckleballer who didn't make the team out of spring training," Dickey didn't make the team out of Spring Training?? Well that's news to me. I'm pretty sure it went this way...Scott Baker gets hurt before the end of Spring Training and Dickey is set to take his spot until he's healthy. If I'm not right, feel free to correct me. (it looks like the comments on the page also rants about how terrible this article is...I feel I am not alone.)
Okay, I am finished with my rant. I just get irritated when people don't do their research behind articles and when they have incorrect information. Plus the rant of his seemed unrelated to how the Twins have been playing in their last 9 games. Boys, I think you're doing okay...you just have bad days...don't worry, we all do!

Onto last night's game. Last night's game was...well a huge nail biter! I would be lying if I said I thought Scott Baker was on his A-game. He definitely was not that last night, and I think he knew it as well. You could see the anger with himself on the TV, and it kind of made me feel bad for him. It was frustrating and also nervewracking when it took 11 pitches (with the bases loaded) to strike out Tony Pena Jr. Thankfully it was a strike out, and not a walk. A walk might have meant we wouldn't win the game.

Today (an afternoon game that I'll be listening to on my radio at work), I am hoping that the Twins can (knocking on wood here) get themselves 2 games over .500! That would be such a great accomplishment for them and I think it would be a great boost and give them the ability to do the unheard of...3 games above .500, 4 games above .500 and so on! Come on, boys, I KNOW you can do it! Perkins will take the mound and fight for this superb feat that I know they are capable of.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (he hit a homerun into the fountain last night and got the Twins on the board to tie the game at 1. He definitely had Katie-pringle-promise-mojo still in his system! Thanks, Katie.)
2. Brendan Harris (was the only one for a few innings that was capable of getting a hit, but also made an outstanding play in the field that may have possibly saved the game for the Twins.)
3. Joe Nathan (Joe was Joe last night and made those last three outs of the game look good as he usually does.)

Sad note of the game: Joe Mauer was still recovering from Bert's jinx mojo...and was only capable of squeezing out 1 hit over the entire game and got 2 strike outs, which is very unlike Joe Mauer. Joe, I blame Bert...you can too. Let's work today ( if DHing) on getting that batting average up to .400. .383 is good, but I want .400+.

Now here is my idea for a sign to have for next week's Yankees game...I was trying to be clever and wanting to make something to bash the Yankees because I dispise them so much, but I couldn't come up with anything...creative juices were not flowing. I think it's the lack of sleep. If anyone has any ideas that they would let me us, I would love 'em!
Here's what I've came up with (give me your feedback!):


Katie said...

Last nights game equaled me pacing back and forth in my room (which is my normal routine for games that close).

How many points do I get if I hit Souhan in the nose?

I'm liking the sign, it would be very unique! I told my brother we were trying to come up with ideas for signs and he was going to ask around at work today for ideas since everyone he works with hates the Yankees.

Betsy said...

yes, you can his Souhan in the nose! what a twat waffle!

if you come up with anything else, let me know!

Katie said...

I'll probably talk to him tonight so I'll let you know if they come up with anything, otherwise I vote we go with what you have!

Heidi said...

Ok, so I'm a little dense today. I blame it on my excitement for going to Minnesota this weekend. It took me a good 10 minutes to understand your sign, but once I got it, I loved it!
My favorite things to say about the Yankees (though both longish to put on a sign) are "Jesus Hates the Yankees" (I know that's theologically incorrect, but I like to think its true) and "The Yankees are an Evil Empire and Nick Swisher is their King." (but he's probably really more like their court jester, I'd assign Jeter King and A-Rod Queen)

Betsy said...

Maybe I should change the "us" to "me" even though it'll be Katie and i at least holding it!
I wonder if we should have a second side that says "everyone hate the Yankees"...because we know, everyone does, even if they say they don't.

Katie said...

I do like the sign about the evil empire. lol

Betsy said...

what if we did something about the "evil empire not striking back" and have something to do with star wars? lol...

Heidi said...

and twat waffle is definitely my third favorite insult name. Only the classic, but overused douchebag and my new fave cheese ass are better.

Katie said...

Oh I love it! It would be nice if we could turn it around with the Twins and the "Force be with you"

Kristina said...

Poor Dickey! He's been pitching well, and he was the only guy we could trust to take over the mound when Liriano couldn't go more than 4 innings. And you're right, our bullpen's been fairly solid for the last month.

Betsy said...

Dickey's got a 2.36 ERA too. To me that's pretty good! especially when guys like Henn have a 7.15. He's the only one I still cringe whenever they start warming him up. Otherwise, I love the bullpen.