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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ozzie Hates AJ?

Well first let me start by saying...we should have rung Mark Buehrle up earlier than we did so that Mr. Baker could have gotten the win, but I'll take the win and ringing up Buehrle with 5 earned runs, any way they want to give it to me. (Yes, I realize how dirty that sounded, but that's alright.)

Thank you, Cuddy, for taking one for the team and getting hit by a pitch! I always appreciate it when one of the boys does this. No, I don't like seeing them get hit, but hey...it's another way to reach base and it usually helps throw a pitcher off his game some.

Last night was day 3 of winning. Tonight is game number 4...the magic number of games won that the Twins need to get to get back to recieving the 3 Stars of the Game. I am looking forward to being on this winning streak, plus I'm having a good day so far...so all signs are pointing to a win!

I got made fun of at Buffalo Wild Wings by our server. I was yelling at the boys and telling them to do something. I was desperate for them to throw off what could have been another perfect game for Buehrle. I didn't want to see this.
1. Because a friend of mine had him, Span and Morneau on his fantasy team, but wanted Buehrle to do good.
2. Because Buehrle is a Chicago White Sux player.
3. I don't like Buehrle.
4. Because we've kicked his ass before.
Thankfully my boys were able to pull through for me. I know I should cheer against players like Span and Morneau because I really do like them and love watching them get some great hits, but I was kind of hoping that the rest of the team would carry the run support (which for the most part, they did. Justin got an RBI because of getting walked, and Denard had only a 1-4 night.) Tonight, I am back to being faithful and cheering for the entire team! I will be there with Katie again tonight and we will PROUDLY be shouting our Anti-AJ cheers (we're sitting right by the Pressbox) and PROUDLY holding up our "Launder the Sox" sign. (KATIE, IT'S ALL YOU TONIGHT! :))

Thank you, Joe Nathan for coming in and saving Bobby Keppel's ass and getting yet another save. I also was very happy to see you again.
Thank you, Scott Baker for wearing a jersey that was not the Navy. (don't get me wrong...I still LOVE the navy jerseys...but they have been on navy overkill as of late and they've lost too many games in them. I just needed a change to appreciate them more.)
Thank you, Alexi Casilla for getting a walk and being the end to Buehrle's "perfect"...not so perfect game.
Thank you, Jose Mijares for not sucking and having a win put in that column.

Bring out the brushes and brooms tonight, folks! I smell a sweep! (knock on wood)


Katie said...

If we had enough time it would be cool to make a new sign for the ___ (you know what I mean, but I refuse to say it, you mentioned it).

We'll be loud and obnoxious tonight if we have to be to get those boys to use their A game!

Betsy said...

What you want to make the sign while we wait for the game to start? Like in the parking lot? :) hehe...I'm game.

Heidi said...

I would like to send out a not thank you to Bobby Keppell for making mistakes in the 9th and forcing Joe Nathan to pitch. The positive of this is, that I love Joe Nathan especially when the camera zooms in on him doing the motorboat. It makes me smile.
I was also happy to see not navy jerseys!

Betsy said...

heidi- i'd have to agree with the NOT Thank you for Keppel.

Kristina said...

Wait where's the part about Ozzie hating AJ? I want to know!!! SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!

S.Rail said...

Poor Keppel. He was so good coming into that game, but then he just blew it all away. Nathan probably thought he'd have the day off, he was wrong!

The Twins made it to 4 in a row! Now they will be happy to have their stars back. :)

Jeez, I think the last time the Twins swept a team was in the first series against Milwaukee...

Betsy said...

Well Kristina...after reading an article about Ozzie not being thrilled with AJ's playing on Tuesday night, I thought maybe he did. And then AJ got benched (which was only cause of the pitcher having a specific catcher he uses...) not sure if Ozzie really does...but who doesn't?

S.Rail...they play bad again and go on one of "those" streak again...hell to pay! :)